Blank Frame | Trapped In My Apartment | Psychological Horror Game

  • Published on:  4/24/2021
  • PC Gameplay Walkthrough. Full Game. Ending 2. An atmospheric, slow-burn about a man trapped inside his apartment, trying to find his way out.

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    In the town center of Dim River, Henri wakes up in the middle of the night to a sudden and loud crash sound. A strange metal cabinet has fallen through the ceiling from the apartment above, effectively blocking his front door. The night life of the town goes on, oblivious to Henri's struggles as he tries to solve his predicament perhaps not completely on his own.
    The night is going to be long and peculiar...

    Blank Frame is a first person surreal horror game with a look akin to early 2000's pc/ps2 games and is accompanied by a strange and haunting soundtrack made by Hangman & Taraen (Gazers). The game is about an hour and a half on your first playthrough and is meant to be played in one sitting. The game contains two endings.

    Gameplay is a combination of point and click games and walking simulators. However, it is possible to die in this game. If you die, you have to start from the beginning. Chances to die are rare and can be avoided fairly easily so deaths do not feel cheap.

    Game focuses on atmosphere and story instead of constantly startling the player. Blank Frame is meant mainly for fans of slow paced surreal/psychological horror games.


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