Jewelry Expert Critiques Rappers' Grillz | Fine Points | GQ



  • Camilo Ortega 9 days ago

    Thanks G-Eazy for your expertise! Very cool.

  • robert fleming 7 hours ago

    @Ray F lmao 😢😭😂

  • Twinkler 8 days ago

    "Oops, I lost my diamond." Most rich person sentence ever.

  • “Yo Bill, I’m gonna be a lil late my billion dollar yacht sank, yea imma buy another one.”

  • Chief Nick23 8 days ago

    Thanos had fake infinity stones...Lil Yachty Had them in his teeth all along

  • LUIS CHAVEZ 8 hours ago

    @卩ㄖ尺几卩ㄖ卩 ima click ayways

  • not lil yachty its 6ix9ine

  • Joseph Palaone 6 days ago

    this video called me poor in 89 different languages

  • Tee pom 31 minutes ago

    I feel lol

  • SpiZEE 11 hours ago

    O man. :o

  • Brendan Berney 4 days ago

    Nobody:This guy: very beautiful grill very rare but don’t bite down too hard and lose your teeth, but the jeweler did their homework beautiful

  • Armaan Ali 8 hours ago

    Matt ?

  • Matt 23 hours ago

    Brendan Berney what? Stop.

  • It's all fun and games until you swallow a diamond and it redecorates your insides.

  • Nottan Ajin 4 hours ago

    @Thomas Paiva Yeah, he says *not* to.

  • Freighttrain 3 days ago

    SUGGESTION for this series: Professional editor critiques rapper's music videos

  • nobody:riff raff: My mane goal is to blow up an den act like i dont know nobodyyy HAE HAE HAE HAE.

  • Cadarius Stroman 17 hours ago

    Funniest video ever😂

  • Daniel 8 days ago

    I never knew making grills was difficult and requires so much intricacy and skill. This guy knows his stuff and idk why but I just find it satisfying to hear him talk about it lol

  • Karly Cartwright an hour ago

    i thought I was the only one!! It’s so interesting hearing what makes these things so expensive and the art of it I guess

  • Beta kid 6 days ago

    1940: well have flying cars in the future2018: diamond teeth