Mads Lewis GETS REVENGE On Jaden Hossler w/ Brand New BF!! | Hollywire

  • Published on:  5/5/2021
  • Has Mads Lewis already moved on from Jaden Hossler with a new boyfriend?! Since Mads Lewis’ ex, Jaden Hossler quickly moved on from their break-up with Mads’ frienemy, Nessa Barrett -- fans have been curious who Mads would date next. Mads just posted a TikTok showing off her new beachy blonde extensions dancing to a sound by the baddest as TikToker Christian Plourde dances shirtless in the background. It also appears that Mads is wearing Christian’s Calvin Klein's and that he gave her a hickey in the center of her neck. Mads did not tag Christian but fans knew exactly who this 20-year-old boston-bred TikTok star is. Around the same time, Christian posted a TikTok with him and mads, to the song “addicted to finessing” where he hugs Mads from behind as to she’s his.

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