Vending Machine LUCKY BLOCKS *NEW* Game Mode in Fortnite Battle Royale

  • Published on:  11/24/2018
  • Watch as SSundee play the classic Lucky Blocks but in Fortnite! Today we're using the Vending Machines to decide what weapons we can use!Subscribe! ► more Videos ► you enjoyed the video, drop a quick like! It means a ton!Nico: Video Editor ► Russell Awesome Thumbnail Maker ► Flash the Links=- by Ninety9LivesTobu - Such FunVideo Link: Download Link: for watching!


  • Space Raider 7 months ago

    who here wants derp sundee intros back like if u do

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  • COOLVIDEOS 7 months ago

    Which is better? Fortnite=like Roblox=Reply

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  • Pengu Fam 2 months ago

    COOLVIDEOS Roblox bc Roblox doesn’t make updates that ruin the game besides rthro

  • James Wang 7 months ago

    Anyone remember the meat castle?Edit: 72 likes?? Thanks!

  • Majestic Freedom1776 7 months ago

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  • Drama Llama 7 months ago

    Bring Back Jones Barbecue Foot MassageYou wouldn't understand

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    I miss Derp Ssundee..Im Sad :(

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    AloneMyst aaaa

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    4:05 Ssundee said: I got tittie! Lololol😅😅

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  • Dunzo YT 7 months ago

    Will you live stream? Game of life

  • Sebastian Mathias 2 months ago

    Did anyone notice that when he recorded this it was season 6 but it has a season 7 skin on thumbnail

  • Sawsan Kevarkis 18 days ago

    Yas me😔😔😔😔