Rice Cooker Steamed Egg Cake Biryani - Egg Cubed Biryani - Egg Burfi Biryani Recipe - For Lunch Box

  • Published on:  11/20/2019
  • Steaming egg like a burfi and making biryani in rice cooker is very easy and much liked when ever i made it for my family and friends

    Take a bowl add 1tbs of biryani masala
    Add 1tsp of crush pepper
    Add 1tbs of chopped green chillies
    Add some salt
    Add some water
    And mix it.
    Then add eggs and whisk it.
    Now pour in a steam bowl
    And steam in to hot water pan for 8 minutes.
    Take the 1cup fo rice in a bowl add whole garam masala
    Add 1/2cup of mint leaves
    Add 1/2cup of coriander leaves
    Add crush ginger & garlic
    add 2cups water add 1tsp of salt and mix it.
    Then pour in to the rice
    Put this rice in to the rice cooker
    And add 1tsp of oil
    And put the lid on and cook for 15 minutes.
    Then cut the steamed egg, keep a side.
    In a 1tbs of butter add 1tsp of biryani masala
    Add 1tbs of mint leaves
    Add 1tbs of coriander leaves
    Add pinch of salt and mix it.
    Heat a pan add 1tbs of oil
    Add ½ cup of sliced onions
    And fry them.
    Then add 1/2tsp of garam masala
    Add 1tbs of coriander leaves
    Add 2pinches of red chilli powder
    And add steamed egg pieces
    And mix it.
    Now in a rice cooker add butter & biryani masala mixture
    And add fried egg mixture and put on lid and cook for 5 minutes.
    Now serve hot biryani with cucumber raita.

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