12 STRΟNG Official Trailer (2018) Chris Hemsworth, Action Movie HD

  • Published on:  10/19/2017
  • 12 STRΟNG Official Trailer (2018) Chris Hemsworth, Action Movie HD
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  • Georgi Shukov
    Georgi Shukov 8 days ago

    Bush did 9/11

  • Andrew Wakeling
    Andrew Wakeling 10 days ago

    Sorry what a load of American shit

  • Andrew Wakeling
    Andrew Wakeling 10 days ago

    What a load of shit

  • amazing world by saurabh patil

    Like for thor

  • RandomThings // Ron Mamon

    hearing chris hemsworth not talking like thor is weird

  • Xahid
    Xahid 25 days ago

    so this was your war on terror..kiiling millions in vengeance...

  • Regi123 Tan
    Regi123 Tan 28 days ago

    The man that explode said aluh ackbar

  • dedy wirabuana
    dedy wirabuana 1 months ago

    12 against many...this is number one bullshit

  • Zach_Smith_LDS
    Zach_Smith_LDS 1 months ago

    This was such a good movie

  • Zack Morata
    Zack Morata 1 months ago

    Very good Film

  • saleh amin
    saleh amin 2 months ago

    india and america always won in movies hahahahahh

  • saleh amin
    saleh amin 2 months ago

    all allies could,t touch the afghani fighters they film twelve. its nonsense

  • saleh amin
    saleh amin 2 months ago

    where is they now in hell

  • Glen Small
    Glen Small 2 months ago

    Total horseshit Hollywood movie. Taliban and Al Qaeda never collaberated. But if they did? look out America.

  • Michelle
    Michelle 3 months ago+1

    this will be incredible

  • Jonathan Cannon
    Jonathan Cannon 3 months ago

    potato potato

  • Branden Neub
    Branden Neub 3 months ago

    Man, military movies really piss people off don't they. You really get the American hating internet tough guys and the conspiracy therorists don't you. You also get a lot of the"im not from America BUT YOU GUYS ARE TERRORISts AND COWARDS" people . Calm down its just a fucking movie.

  • Jerry Noren
    Jerry Noren 3 months ago

    Propaganda at its finest 🙂

  • kanha Teli
    kanha Teli 3 months ago


  • David Armstrong
    David Armstrong 3 months ago

    All of you fuckers need lives. Loose the political views. It's a fuckin movie. Don't like it don't watch it. God damn. Grow the fuck up.