Butchers HUGE AXE Restoration - TRIPAS 2

  • Published on:  5/7/2020
  • Restoration of a butchers HUGE AXE. It is a TRIPAS 2 from Spain early 1900s. So this is Antique.

    I dissembled the axe handle from the axe head and cleaned it before I did the sandblasting. I rugged the metal up with a cleaning disc after sandblasting to achieve the rough cold steel look. I did leave all the old marks on this Tripas to retain that rough old butchers look.

    I decided to give the brand name TRIPAS more attention, so I drew a new logo to the axe head which I processed in Adobe Photoshop and later AI to make a cool vector that I can transfer to CAD in my fiber laser system. It is a complicated process and it takes many hours of drawing, scaling, programming, and tiny adjustments to achieve a perfect laser engraving result.

    I fitted an old axe handle that I had in my garage to the project and engraved the name in the handle. Hope that you enjoyed the project.

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    Music: From YouTube free audio library.

    Best wishes and stay safe ❤ Martin