Destroying My Friend's Car And Surprising Him With A New One - Slime

  • Published on:  8/28/2018
  • YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT CAR WE GOT HIM!!!New Merch - OR I TAKE YOUR DOG----------------------------------------------------------------► FOLLOW BOTH THESE AND I WILL HAVE YOUR KIDS!• Twitter -• Instagram -


  • MasterJupiter 15
    MasterJupiter 15 2 months ago+3723

    Choose your weapon
    Chris: pick axe
    Tyler's sister: sledgehammer
    Jake: axe
    Mr. Beast: microwave

  • R_ife2
    R_ife2 14 days ago+728

    Mr.Beast in 3019:
    destroying Earth
    Buy new one
    EDiT: Mr. beast in 4019
    Destroying Milky Way Galaxy
    Buy New one

  • C o m p l a i n t s
    C o m p l a i n t s 14 days ago+363

    “Our first grade we were home schooled”
    “wAs YoUr TeAcHeR hOt?”

  • Emerald Terminator
    Emerald Terminator 14 days ago+162

    This vid has almost a mill likes so where is the spray tan?

  • Ryanflu
    Ryanflu 14 days ago+270

    Imagine if his camera wasn’t recording 😂

  • cho
    cho 1 months ago+1395

    “always use guns responsibly”
    resumes to shoot a car

  • Emna Harbi
    Emna Harbi 14 days ago+113

    My Toyota dealership is so triggered after watching this

  • PingPong68
    PingPong68 7 days ago+211

    MrBeast: everyone knows the best way to destroy a car is a microwave
    Me: he may be wrong
    Look at his shirt!

  • Mega Cannable
    Mega Cannable 14 days ago+106

    Whos watching in 2019

  • Protato 589
    Protato 589 6 days ago+41

    When mr. beast tells you to do something alone, protect everything you own.

  • Versaucey
    Versaucey 11 months ago+4304

    Is this Nickelodeon now?

  • Zack Griffin
    Zack Griffin 7 days ago+97

    Finally, an idea Morgz can’t copy because he has no friends

  • Soc Nguyen
    Soc Nguyen 5 days ago+89

    "Did Jake poop his pants in 1st grade" "we were home schooled" "was you teacher hot"

  • Cheesemaster 83
    Cheesemaster 83 2 days ago+10

    Thanos: I’m the most powerful titan in the universe
    Mr.beast: hold my microwaves

  • Raymond Lyngdoh
    Raymond Lyngdoh 14 days ago+85

    Hey mr beast, can you destroy my imaginary car and buy me a new real one😊 Thankyou

  • Olivia Loo
    Olivia Loo 6 months ago+4388

    Dunno what to comment so here's the recipe for a glass of water:

    - Glass
    - Water


    - Put water into glass


  • Tyler W
    Tyler W 14 days ago+124

    Mr beast: who is cleaning this
    Mr beast: do it for 10 thousand

  • Kent Farnsworth
    Kent Farnsworth 22 hours ago+1

    Ayyyy fortnight shirt 👕 dad's account but last time I posted these was 1second ago

  • we're Noobs
    we're Noobs 2 days ago+13

    I dunno what to comment so here’s how to make a glass of water
    Put water in glass
    Enjoy 😉

  • Shame ThePeople
    Shame ThePeople 3 days ago+4

    Mr beast: wE dOnT hAvE tHaT mUcH sLiMe
    Me: you have 3 full buckets, when I got slime it was about the size of a cup