Professional Dancer Reacts To BTS "Mic Drop" [Rehearsal + Performance]

  • Published on:  6/2/2021
  • For today's episode of "Professional Dancer Reacts" I react to BTS "Mic Drop" Rehearsal and Performance Video

    BTS "Mic Drop"

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    Emeroy is a health coach, dancer, father and author. Growing up he struggled with two huge challenges: self confidence and being chubby. He began dancing at the age of eight.Over the years he gained confidence and found his passion of making people smile. Dancing also led him to actively pursue a healthy lifestyle. The results of combining these two, dancing and health & wellness, enhanced his abilities to perform on a much greater level. He began to find joy in helping others create their own transformation and discover their own self confidence

    As a dancer, he started out at the age of 8 and has been teaching since 2004. He has danced with international organizations like Culture Shock, Hit The Floor Productions, GEC Entertainment, and performed for the Los Angeles Rose Parade, international artist Jonalyn Viray, and competed internationally at Hip Hop International and is a two time City of Alhambra B-boy Champion.

    As a health coach, he's been coaching for several years and was featured on Time Warner's Get Fit. He's helped hundreds of individuals not only burn fat and build muscle, but also create a healthy active lifestyle so that people no longer have to yo-yo.

    He's recognized for his zen style leadership. Combine that with his passionate vision of guiding others to become their best selves, gives him an authority when it comes to personal transformation. Whether it be through dance or fitness classes, he coaches individuals to gain the confidence they seek and get they results they never thought was possible.