Hot Ones Guests Impressed by Sean Evans' Questions (Seasons 1-4)

  • Published on:  4/24/2019
  • Part 2 here: Hot Ones compilations: for why Sean Evans is the best host on the internet.This is a compilation of the best questions asked on Hot Ones Seasons 1-4, where celebrities are impressed by Sean's questions, research, and general interviewing skills. Featured Guests:0:00 S1E01 Tony Yayo0:24 S1E03 MGK0:51 S2E04 T.J. Miller0:56 S2E06 Joey Fatone1:12 S2E08 Key & Peele1:31 S2E10 Eddie Huang2:33 S2E11 Chris D'Elia2:40 S2E15 Redman3:26 S2E16 Rob Gronkowski3:48 S2E21 Joe Budden5:11 S2E24 Bert Kreischer5:52 S2E27 Jay Pharoah5:57 S2E44 Post Malone6:15 S2E45 N.O.R.E.6:57 S3E01 Padma Lakshmi7:08 S3E08 Charlie Sloth8:37 S3E10 Dax Shepard8:49 S3E13 Charlamagne Tha God9:31 S3E17 Neil deGrasse Tyson9:45 S3E19 Andy Cohen10:38 S3E21 Coyote Peterson10:57 S4E01 Cara Delevingne11:06 S4E03 Steve-O12:39 S4E06 A$AP Ferg12:52 S4E07 Kevin Durant13:23 S4E08 Henry Rollins14:11 S4E09 Dillon Francis15:00 S4E14 Artie Lange16:35 S4E17 Wale17:24 S4E18 Bob Saget17:37 S4E20 Alexa Chung18:10 S4E21 Logic19:34 S2E35 Bobby Lee


  • Jasper Liang
    Jasper Liang  3 months ago+6348

    okay i know i misspelled gronk's name pls stop

  • It'sfreerealestate
    It'sfreerealestate 3 months ago+3843

    I love how awkward Sean is about receiving compliments XD

  • Ayesha Tabassum
    Ayesha Tabassum 2 months ago+1032

    So, Sean does extensive research on all these celebrities before the interviews and I'm sure he gets to know a LOT about their personal lives, scandals and other drama. In spite of which he never brings up controversial questions in these interviews that may upset, offend or make them uncomfortable. Massive respect for this guy 👏🙌

  • e
    e 2 months ago+2198

    Eddie Huang really dropped an entire Macroeconomics lesson in his answer huh

  • MiM1C
    MiM1C 1 months ago+1369

    Key: Wow shawn that's a good question
    Also Key: S H A W N I M H A V I N G A S T R O K E

  • GΔZE
    GΔZE 3 months ago+3949

    This video in short: "That's a great question."

    CAFFEINE 2 months ago+489

    damn Sean realy did struggle with those spices the first seasons. now he seems almost immune

  • Lauren G.
    Lauren G. 3 months ago+979

    What's so impressive about Hot Ones is that I get to watch interviews with guests that I would never watch if the host was someone else. But since Sean asks some great questions and because he's so good at making the guests feel comfortable enough to answer them so sincerely it makes all of these interviews so interesting and you get a better sense of who the person is he's interviewing really is and not the superficial stuff.

  • White Steve Harvey
    White Steve Harvey 3 months ago+807

    It would be crazy if Nardwuar and Sean did an episode of them just interviewing each other

  • Kyore
    Kyore 3 months ago+6268

    Most people want to be famous, I just want to be interviewed by Sean Evans.

  • Mariama Jawara
    Mariama Jawara 14 days ago+163

    Anybody gonna talk about Eddie Huang straight up giving a presidential speech while Sean is just on the brink of death?

  • TheGunnerLV
    TheGunnerLV 3 months ago+718

    Some say when you die Sean Evans interviews your entire life while you eat hot wings

  • Brendissimo
    Brendissimo 3 months ago +680

    This is a big part of why I like the show. They actually do their research. All the questions on most late night shows are so lazy. Hot Ones is next level.

  • Fidget 02
    Fidget 02 3 months ago+1006

    Bob Saget: “I directed a movie when I was 21.”
    Sean: “Oh, you won a student academy award for that.”
    These are all gold, thank you.

  • enima
    enima 3 months ago+13098

    "I think this is my favourite..."
    " sauce?"
    "...interview of all time"
    Lol that was cute

  • kool aid
    kool aid 3 months ago+290

    Nardwuar freaks out his guests more with obscure unknown facts
    Sean's talent is crafting really hot questions

  • Alexandra Defreitas
    Alexandra Defreitas 1 months ago+146

    Sean is me on a first date spitting out facts that I know from stalking the guy's social medias except in my case no one is impressed.

  • Adali Trujillo
    Adali Trujillo 3 months ago+506

    One of my favorite parts! You can tell he appreciated Steve-O’s comment but the way he said it 😂💀👌🏽
    Steve-O: Dude you’re impressive talent. I’m impressed by you!
    Sean: Okay thanks Steve-O

  • Bad Vibes 4ever
    Bad Vibes 4ever 3 months ago+446

    Sean Evans suprises guests with questions
    Nardwuar: "hold my beer"

  • C Clarky
    C Clarky 3 months ago+6247

    I like this compilation because you included the guests answering the questions as well