• Published on:  9/17/2018
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  • SDCPlayz 9 months ago

    You should hire crainer cause on your 2nd Diss track you told him to work at McDonald's

  • Lynne B 8 hours ago

    lol do it

  • Vaporeon_1198 3 days ago

    he said go to mcdonalds

  • Connor G. 9 months ago

    Ssundee, im not sure if this is true but if you become better friends with your workers (employers) you dont have to pay them morePlease like so that ssundee sees this

  • Hazel Scott 5 months ago


  • Bogda Boss 9 months ago

    A mouse,a bunny and a gnome walk into a mc donalds...no joke...they work here man...

  • Gerbil

  • ForeverNames 9 months ago

    Two jokes.Ha, ha.

  • The Meme Bin 9 months ago

    Wow a romantic Mcdonalds, thats a first.

  • Pucci's Precious 9 months ago

    @The Meme Bin in my onion rings

  • The Meme Bin 9 months ago

    @Pucci's Precious where do the fries go?

  • Shempoo Praw 9 months ago

    Try to have a baby with Nancy Landgrab and see if the baby is a vampireP.S.If it's a boy name it Crainer PoopsIf it's a girl name it Thea Farts

  • Maryam Mohammed 9 months ago

    Nope is normal baby

  • Gacha Lover 9 months ago

    yes he NEEDS to do this

  • Ari Shah 9 months ago

    Ssundee, you should go outside your resturant and then deprive people's hunger, then they would come inside your McDonalds. Also you can deprive their needs after they eat, then they will eat again. MONEYYYLike if you agree

  • Gregory Lew 9 months ago

    McDonald's doesn't sell much ice cream b/c their ice cream machine is always "broken" xD

  • T Cain Squad 9 months ago

    Gregory Lew true

  • amilah kuriem 9 months ago

    Like why I love ice_cream#

  • Dawa Tamang 9 months ago

    Own a hotel it will give you 100000 dolars

  • Nick Hawk 4 months ago

    Do they even have hotels?

  • MrCheesy Gamer 9 months ago

    I didn’t play the game but real hotels gets lots of money

  • Mitchell BURGESS  9 months ago

    Welcome to McDonald’s We got shakes and fries we got Quarter pounders lopster and ice cream on you way out get a happy memememememememe meal meal memememe meal meal go to kids rock

  • FrostyEagle 9 months ago

    you can actualy "Woohoo" with the grim reaper because she is a woman.like so he sees

  • Rahim Arif 3 days ago


  • Rahim Arif 3 days ago