• Published on:  9/17/2018
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  • Charlene Ham
    Charlene Ham 11 months ago+257

    I have a idea he should deprive the animals
    Hygiene so the owners will come to the clinic
    To take care of there pets and he’ll make more money

  • connorgy mp4
    connorgy mp4 11 months ago+319

    Ssundee, im not sure if this is true but if you become better friends with your workers (employers) you dont have to pay them more
    Please like so that ssundee sees this

  • SDCPlayz
    SDCPlayz 11 months ago+219

    You should hire crainer cause on your 2nd Diss track you told him to work at McDonald's

  • Bogda Boss
    Bogda Boss 11 months ago+63

    A mouse,a bunny and a gnome walk into a mc donalds...no joke...they work here man...

  • The Meme Bin
    The Meme Bin 11 months ago+77

    Wow a romantic Mcdonalds, thats a first.

  • Gregory Lew
    Gregory Lew 11 months ago+54

    McDonald's doesn't sell much ice cream b/c their ice cream machine is always "broken" xD

  • Ari Shah
    Ari Shah 11 months ago+32

    Ssundee, you should go outside your resturant and then deprive people's hunger, then they would come inside your McDonalds. Also you can deprive their needs after they eat, then they will eat again. MONEYYY
    Like if you agree

  • Dawa Tamang
    Dawa Tamang 11 months ago+28

    Own a hotel it will give you 100000 dolars

  • irrelephant
    irrelephant 11 months ago+12

    its amazing how he finds a way to break every game he plays, and his laugh scares me

  • FrostyEagle
    FrostyEagle 11 months ago+522

    you can actualy "Woohoo" with the grim reaper because she is a woman.
    like so he sees

  • Johny Crisps
    Johny Crisps 11 months ago+75

    Game devs: Ian Ian
    Ian: Yes Devs
    Game devs: exploiting my game?
    Ian: no Devs
    Game devs: telling lies?
    Ian: no devs
    Game devs:Open your save file
    Ian: oh oh oh

  • Malachi Watanabe
    Malachi Watanabe 2 days ago

    if You Make Them Eat Then Once There Finished Deprive There Hunger So They Order More Food

  • Mitchell BURGESS
    Mitchell BURGESS 11 months ago+6

    Welcome to McDonald’s
    We got shakes and fries we got Quarter pounders lopster and ice cream on you way out get a happy memememememememe meal meal memememe meal meal go to kids rock

  • Jiao Shen
    Jiao Shen 11 months ago+23

    Imagine if the sims are actually real people that we control... And that we are sims in our own world being controlled... What ssundee is doing becomes even more horrific.

  • Gio Mandwee
    Gio Mandwee 11 months ago+258

    Ssundee Kills 2 innocent people
    Ssundee Buys A McDonalds
    My life no longer makes sense...

  • Crackanigle
    Crackanigle 2 months ago+4

    That little giggle was so adorable XD

  • Jay Tizzy
    Jay Tizzy 11 months ago+5

    Now you have to fix the ice cream machine

  • ForeverNames
    ForeverNames 11 months ago+2

    But Everytime they liked to eat somewhere in the Desert.

  • Preston Vlas
    Preston Vlas 11 months ago+3

    when i saw the title of the video and he was talking about the ability to make u hungry i already knew what he was up to

  • Shempoo Praw
    Shempoo Praw 11 months ago+255

    Try to have a baby with Nancy Landgrab and see if the baby is a vampire
    If it's a boy name it Crainer Poops
    If it's a girl name it Thea Farts