Why I Left Apple...



  • Kareem H.
    Kareem H. 8 hours ago

    Pixel 2 XL followup video?

  • Djenkov
    Djenkov 15 hours ago

    But you don't need adapter to connect your computer with your phone. Just use the usb cable that was in the box. Plug it in one of the usb ports that are on your PC and voilà. After that you just need to select "data transfer" on your phone.

  • David Thompson
    David Thompson 20 hours ago

    Phones made by slave labour

  • GuardianDarkAngel
    GuardianDarkAngel 2 days ago

    ...... The charging cable is USB...... That's how you file transfer to the computer..... Is this rocket science?

  • Moltas
    Moltas 2 days ago

    you can use multiple apps at the same time-

  • Varen Bautista
    Varen Bautista 2 days ago

    you dont really have to email yourself or share to drive to get photos on your computer. you can just go to the Google Photos website, sign in with your Google account that's on your Pixel, and you can see all your photos from your phone. Then, if you want, you have the option to download them.

  • Jimine
    Jimine 2 days ago


  • Debasish Ray Chawdhuri

    Kinda sounds like "Oh my god!! there is a world outside of my home"

  • Debasish Ray Chawdhuri

    Pixel is not the only Android phone that gives you control of your phone. That's what all of them do.

  • ChrisPewKreme
    ChrisPewKreme 3 days ago

    I like that Apple is very clean and user friendly. It's easy to use, and VERY intuitive. Screen recording and snapshots are easier and better on iOS.
    Swiping left or right to go back or forward in your browser is great. 3D touch makes it easy to switch apps or get to certain features quickly.
    I like that Android offers Google Photos and unlimited storage. Customization is easier but more confusing. Things look messier on Android and holy fuck, there's notifications for EVERYTHING. That notification bar is always full and my OCD can't do it.
    Am I the only one that wants iOS features in an Android system that's more open and free?
    Fuck Apple and their goddamn iphoto bullshit and file system. Music is a bitch. My iCloud photo storage is always full and it warns me every time I open photos.
    Somebody, for fucks sake, plz make a hybrid that takes the best of both already. And then take my money.

  • Asad Javeed
    Asad Javeed 3 days ago

    I actually faced the album issue too!
    I was using the iPhone 7 plus....
    But yes...it causes a few... confusions....but it is figured out in a bit!

  • tintman831
    tintman831 3 days ago

    Cuz they suck? They raise prices for same phones?

  • Das Piper
    Das Piper 3 days ago

    Even though you are a very lovely girl and I would love to call you one of my You-Tube Grand-daughters I think I'll stay with my iPhones; they work just fine for me.

  • R T
    R T 3 days ago

    Congratulations for Quitting Apple Madness

  • Stefan Castro
    Stefan Castro 3 days ago

    I have a Pixel2 and it's not worth owning at all, despite these good features. It's a terrible phone in general. Maybe it has a good camera and some neat features, but the past 7 or 8 months of just crashing and errors and defects ruins it. On top of that all, whenever I reach out to Google for help with my device, they completely ignore me. The only help I've gotten WHATSOEVER was from other Pixel2 users on a Google message board, and those were either people saying they experience the same issues, or people saying they had no issues. No real help at all. I can't run Spotify and Snapchat at the same time, I can't record video on Snapchat, I can't login to an Instagram account unless it is through a linked Facebook account (it blocks any attempted username and password logins), and 4/10 times when I send more than one text message at a time, some will not send at all and the entire messages app will force close and I will have to restart it 2 or 3 times before I can use it again. It may have a great camera or have numerous incredible technological advances and incredible exclusive features, but it's not worth a penny. The Google Pixel2 is by far the worst phone I have ever owned, and that's including some 30-40 dollar phones I got in 7th grade. They at least functioned correctly. In conclusion, DO NOT BUY THE GOOGLE PIXEL2. OR 3 OR 4 OR ANY F THEM. Google ignores all issues and customer complaints and instead of fixing the current phones (first generation pixel is just as bad), they work on a new one.

  • Gean Garcia
    Gean Garcia 3 days ago

    I love your cat!

  • jerry caughron
    jerry caughron 3 days ago

    Crapple has to many restrictions! Boring!

  • Chief Keef
    Chief Keef 3 days ago

    I want to smash 😭 youzzz hot

  • Guitartube25
    Guitartube25 4 days ago

    Why does it seem to me that you think that Apple doesn't put sim keys in their packages for like... idk... ages? Seems like you only realized that that's a thing while you were unpacking your new Pixel. :D

  • slabiciune
    slabiciune 4 days ago

    The world will NEVER run on IOS.Face it.
    Windows will