RICH People Who Turned Themselves Into PLASTIC

  • Published on:  8/10/2017
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    People Who Went Too Far To Look Like BARBIE

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    Most of us have certain aspects about our appearances that we are self conscious about and would probably change given the chance. But growing out your bangs to hide your oversized forehead is a much smaller commitment than spending tens of thousands of dollars on plastic surgery. In this video, we will introduce you to ten people who will stop at nothing to look absolutely perfect. Well, their idea of perfect anyways! These people have paid tons of cash to fill their bodies with as much plastic as possible and show no signs of stopping any time soon. We all loved playing with Barbies as kids, but for Blondie Bennett, Barbie is more than just an awesome doll; she’s a style role model. Martina Big was also influenced by Barbie’s looks and wanted to more closely resemble her childhood toy, though some might feel that she has gone a bit too far with her tan. Thalia Almodovar has a real life beauty inspiration: Kim Kardashian, and she has gone through a lot of surgery to emulate Kim’s iconic proportions. You might think that Pixee Fox looks a bit like a cartoon character, but that’s actually the look that she is going for! In addition to her eye implants, she’s also had six of her ribs removed to get herself the smallest waist possible.

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