Why Black Superman Is a Terrible Idea

  • Published on:  11/28/2019
  • #Superman#DCComics

    Black Superman is not only just a terrible idea, it's ridiculously lazy and unnecessary. In my many videos, I've talked about how tokenizing characters by way of the big 2 is so silly considering the long list of Black characters that have gone unused, and undeveloped. Or, they could just start from scratch.

    But for whatever reason, Hollywood has this new thing where they want to make new variations of classic comic book characters. And the defense? "It's a different universe." "It's just a fictional character." Representation! Diversity!

    Meanwhile the mountains of original characters that they have.. go rather untouched because these bozos are so bent on just swapping races, genders, and sexuality.. as opposed to creating new characters or simply developing the ones that exist.

    Milestone, anybody?

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