Super Knockoff! VS: Ace & Cosmo | Character Reveal

  • Published on:  2/23/2018
  • ➤Check the Steam page for our NEW GAME! IT OFF!Master the Divine Game with Ace Carder, the gaming prodigy! Summon helpful creatures from your Grandma's deck and seal victory! With his powerful zoning, lure your opponents into your Mysteries! The legacy character that started it all, Future Child C͜osm͡o̧! W̷ith̕ ͏h̀i͘s̴ f̶ínger las͡er̡s̨ a͜nd p̧owe͜r ̕of f͢l̷i̡ght҉, rèl͢iv̀e ̛t͢h̕e ͏glory̴ ̸days͡ o̢f ḿa͏ǹg̕a!̴ H͞òw͞ ̷w̨i̛ll͠ oùr̵ fav͘or҉i̧te ̸h̢er̢o h́àndle the͡ f̧u̷ture?̡!̡Thanks to all of your support, we and our developers at Action Panel have been able to produce Super Knockoff! VS! The game will be coming to Steam soon! Stay Subbed for more updates! Super Knockoff! VS:Steam:


  • TeamFourStar 1 years ago

    Who's ready to KNOCK IT OFF with these new fighters!Follow Super Knockoff! VS:Steam:

  • Sadarius Bland 11 months ago

    Make it for da phone

  • alfie comments 1 years ago

    Hey guysGame looks great but is it coming to the Switch

  • victikirby15 1 years ago

    So we got Yugi/Red and corrupted Astro BoyI'm downJojo and bleach characters when

  • Za Pilgrim 1 years ago

    Jojo did have an OVA in the 90’sPlus, was Naruto a 90’s anime?

  • TakelWolf i meant 90's and before, just forgot to write the last two words, and about the "17 septillion seconds" idk what it is, but i think that it is a lot of time

  • Louis Purkis 1 years ago

    Kinda sad that the Yugioh character isn't voiced by Littlekuriboh but oh well

  • Allegedly False 1 years ago

    LJStudio He's...uh...he's not mute? We hear him talk in the video and everything.

  • EmDub 1 years ago

    I'm not

  • Shackie Chan580 1 years ago

    Ace should say ha you've released my trap monster

  • Lunch 1 years ago

    Hey Dandy Dick

  • Fusion 1 years ago

    Lucas TheAmazing No, trap CARDS

  • TheRealAlpha2 1 years ago

    Astro boy was never the same after his gritty reboot.

  • ZoanBlade90 1 years ago

    WellThoughtOutName Exactly.

  • WellThoughtOutName 1 years ago


  • Indigex 1 years ago

    Yugioh and Astro Boy...hmmm I like it.

  • Michael Little 1 years ago

    I never thought I'd live to see the day we'd get an edgy astroboy oc.

  • Jinx Flames 1 years ago

    Michael Little then you have never seen 2003 Atlas my friend.

  • Princess Trunks approves.

  • This just activated my trap card!

  • MisterOverdude 1 years ago

    ac0tactics "Oh, you'll find out. I'm about to summon it!"

  • ac0tactics 1 years ago

    What does vial of averice do!!! Tell me!!!

  • Giustino Martinez 1 years ago