BMW X3 vs Mercedes GLK-Class vs Nissan Rogue X-Trail (all-new) COMPARISON test drive REVIEW

  • Published on:  11/2/2014
  • This is our big comparison test of the BMW X3 Facelift, the all-new Nissan X-Trail and the Mercedes GLK-Class

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    If you want to jump to a certain detail:

    00:01 overview

    01:58 EXTERIOR
    02:28 BMW X3
    04:04 Nissan X-Trail
    06:58 Mercedes GLK-Class
    09:02 Design conclusion

    09:43 INTERIOR
    09:44 BMW X3
    13:27 Nissan X-Trail
    18:32 Mercedes GLK-Class

    22:29 Trunk / loading
    22:31 BMW X3
    24:52 Nissan X-Trail
    27:51 Mercedes GLK-Class

    30:00 DRIVING
    30:01 BMW X3
    32:38 Nissan X-Trail
    35:46 Mercedes GLK-Class

    38:48 CONCLUSION

    Loading capacities:

    BMW X3 550 -1600 l (with turned seats)

    Mercedes GLK 450 - 1550 l

    Nissan X-Trail (with 7 seats) 135 - 550 - 1982 l

    The BMW X3 has the most usable one when the rear seats are up.
    The Nissan X-Trail has the largest one when seats are down.



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