BEAST BOY & RAVEN GET MARRIED! (A Fortnite Short Film)

  • Published on:  5/20/2021
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    Beast Boy envisions a world where he and Rebirth Raven have their wedding, with all of their friends such as Aquaman, Batman, Flash and even Starfire are all there. Everything is beautiful up until Raz unexpectedly comes in and causes chaos, even forcing Beast Boy to turn into a gorilla to attack. Back in the real world though, Beast Boy and Rebirth Raven are walking through the beach when they see Lyra, an enchantress from Gorgon U. Lyra invites Beast Boy and Raven to her dorm for a party, and even flirts a bit with Beast Boy, causing Raven to grow jealous. At the party, Rebirth Raven overhears a conversation between Lyra and Hemlock, specifically mentioning turning Beast boy into stone.

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