ХАЧАПУРИ. Простой и быстрый рецепт без дрожжей, на сковороде

  • Published on:  12/30/2017
  • Imereti region Khachapuri. Easy! You will need good mood and one and a half hours of your time.
    This is a recipe of my Georgian Mother-in-law and it might be useful for the inexperienced housewives and for those who don’t like or can’t use the yeast-containing dough.

    Obviously, using the soda-containing dough is easier and faster, but there are a few details you have to know about this process and I will tell you everything about it. We will be using a frying pan in order to make six magnificent cheese pies.

    Let’s cook together!
    Khachapuri is the main dish on the Georgian table. In Georgian “khacha” means “cottage cheese” and “ puri” means “bread”, but it is made with cheese. There are many kinds of Khachapuri – Adjara recipe, Mingrelia recipe, Achma , with is not exactly Khachapuri, but rather a multilayered pie, similar to lasagna, but with cheese instead of meat. Each region has it’s own recipe and every housewife has her own secrets. But there is one undoubted fact about Khachapuri – everybody loves them – the Georgians, the Russians and everyone who has tasted it at least once.

    List of ingredients:
    Flour 1 kg (2.2 lb)
    Matzoon (kefir or sour clotted milk or greek yogurt) 500 ml (17oz)
    Suluguni cheese 1 kg (2.2 lb)
    Eggs 4
    Baking soda 1 tsp
    Butter 150 gr. (0.3 lb)

    Let us know in comments below about your Khachapuri experience. Do you like our recipe? If yes – don’t forget to like this video. And should you have any questions, please ask! My name is Irina Grigorievna and I will be mostly happy to give you all the answers!