This Rapper Must Be Stopped! (Lil Pump WannaBe)

  • Published on:  9/16/2018
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  • Jhinnn
    Jhinnn 11 months ago+12580

    Rice only uploads when he needs some more Supreme clothes

  • Gaming with Alissa
    Gaming with Alissa 7 days ago+12

    It’s 2019 and rice still have 10million Subscribe...This is crazy right now 😒🤪💀

  • hobosdominecraft1
    hobosdominecraft1 10 months ago+109

    The amount of times you’ve left and came back is probably more than the uploads this year

  • Michael Shuheiber
    Michael Shuheiber 10 months ago+231

    Anyone remember when Rice was gonna “drop” a pewdiepie distrack

  • Tiana M
    Tiana M 10 months ago+23

    I’m dead that guys on crack😂😂💀

  • Adam maddy
    Adam maddy 11 months ago +1286

    Hate to say it but Ricegums creeping into irrelevancy

  • A
    A 10 months ago+97

    For those of you who don’t know, youtube took down Rices recent video claiming copyright issues then apologised and said it was a mistake. It got reuploaded and then the same thing happened. Understandably, many people are confused including Rice and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s like whats the point in uploading when youtube are just gonna keep removing my videos .

  • ZaPPy
    ZaPPy 10 months ago+157

    He doesn't upload for money because this has no ads

  • Yeah Boi54
    Yeah Boi54 2 days ago

    The fact that you’d even want to be like lil pump is already sad enough

  • I'm Not Alan
    I'm Not Alan 9 months ago+19

    Dude:Watches Himself In The Mirror
    Also Dude:Yep,I’m Cloned

  • Irenonse Sylvester Odion
    Irenonse Sylvester Odion 11 months ago+384

    Ricegum you only upload videos when you need to pay your rent in clout gang😂😂😂😂😂😂.

  • Chloe Cooke
    Chloe Cooke 10 months ago+4

    U should fight kavos
    + U need some of his relevancey

  • Hoodlum police
    Hoodlum police 3 months ago+1

    But do you have an Ikea bag?

  • Matt C
    Matt C 3 months ago+5

    He is Asian he only uploads during the year of the Monkey

  • Riceman
    Riceman 10 months ago+612

    The irony here is Ricecum has been stopped

  • Anonymous Human
    Anonymous Human 11 months ago+757

    Roses are red...
    Violets are blue....
    I paid his rent and so did you....

  • The Crimson Lord
    The Crimson Lord 7 months ago+1

    The guy raps better than you boi

  • Agueda Flores
    Agueda Flores 7 months ago+31

    Who is seeing this in 2019

  • Adam Simiasi
    Adam Simiasi 9 months ago+1

    You can actually be clone trust me

  • Victoria Lomeli
    Victoria Lomeli 9 months ago+1

    Kid Buu says that Afro Rice is his clone 😂😂