Early Access Hardware – The Problem With AMD Vega Frontier Edition

  • Published on:  12/12/2017
  • AMD's Vega Frontier Edition was an early look at the Radeon Vega GPU... But what price did the early adopters pay for their loyalty to AMD?

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  • Thomas Jansen
    Thomas Jansen 9 months ago+4803

    This isnt the LTT i know, nobody gets pinned anymore

  • HardwareDuel
    HardwareDuel 3 days ago+1

    Why not use this card in your newer videos??

  • Marcus Anthony Pedrotti

    AMD behaved quite badly in this situation. I am a fan of theirs so when I hear that they are actively trying to bury bad press using good will built up over time with channels like LTT it makes me disappointed and honestly, less likely to give AMD a pass on a good will proposition such as this in the future

  • weston tucker
    weston tucker 8 days ago

    This seems worse than most stuff nvidia does

  • inthelandofnumbnuts

    Shame,shame and more shame to amd. i though it was bad enough, nvidia sweet talk you into bending over, so they can BF you. But to do the same thing with an BBC instead, and with no grease to boot...that's REAL FUCK UP AMD!!!!

  • dax connell
    dax connell 10 days ago

    RIP-off. even as a "work" gpu you are better off going Nvidia since you could get one for less with almost the same performance in the niche applications

  • William Henry
    William Henry 10 days ago

    C'mon Linus, we know that Nvidia owns you and wouldn't ever want you to promote a competing product

  • silvergreylion
    silvergreylion 13 days ago

    1:21 some intense blue light would've been more appropriate.

  • chasernitro0
    chasernitro0 13 days ago

    old video, but who noticed the bug on the gpu at the beginning??? hahaha

  • Boredom Struck
    Boredom Struck 18 days ago

    #linusbugtips 0:12

  • Васил Йорданов

    I think you wasted 1000$

  • Konchus Nando
    Konchus Nando 18 days ago

    i appreciate the awkward b roll

  • Joshua Coursey
    Joshua Coursey 18 days ago

    wait....linus how dirty is your office? there is a gnat crawling on the vega gpu ahahaha, look at the 00:12 mark and you will see it sitting there on the vega

  • Ash Sherr
    Ash Sherr 18 days ago

    I don't really see a difference between AMD and intel. We are talking about tehcnolgy that has advanced so much in the last 20 years that the differences between amd vs intel and how some chips are "better" for other things is so low that most end users will not notice either AMD or intels shortfalls. and that is why I like AMD and continue to buy AMD products, regardless of reviews. I mean shit we live in a time where you can play GTAV on a AMD AUP or intel i5 U series with no lag.

  • Mher Hakobyan Cinematography

    Can this video card do REAL Time playback in After Effects project with RED camera 4K RAW R3D files? 4K Full Resolution.

  • Matt Gallant
    Matt Gallant 22 days ago

    That Vega is a bit buggy

  • Micah Domine
    Micah Domine 23 days ago

    there was a literal bug on the card...

  • todd scholefield
    todd scholefield 26 days ago

    Amd is shit they always have bin shit there like apple. They put out junk and want an arm and a lag for it. Fuck you amd, go green and get a gtx or titan card you’ll have more value every time.

  • GatorSK1N
    GatorSK1N 28 days ago

    lol can you tell Linus Tech Tips is owned by Nvidia!!! XD dying

  • TheRicheg
    TheRicheg 1 months ago

    Looks like a brick switch the production line to a better design thats what i think