Ace Ventura (PC) Playthrough - NintendoComplete

  • Published on:  10/7/2016
  • A playthrough of 7th Level's 1996 graphic adventure for PCs running Windows 3.1/95, Ace Ventura.

    I always thought this was such a cool game. Granted, the humor doesn't hit me as hard now as it did when I was 14, but if you like the Ace Ventura Pet Detective style of totally stupid but somehow hilarious humor (read: teen boy levels of sexual innuendo everywhere), this will make you laugh hard. What other game had a title screen featuring the main character Tarzan-yelling with his butt?

    It looks fantastic and mimics the cartoon's look nicely (it's quite similar in style to 7th Level's fighting game Battle Beast), and the acting is pretty spot on. It's an easy and short-lived game, but quite a memorable one. I just wish that they hadn't forced the irritating action segments. I really disliked those.
    No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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