Umpires Threaten to Boycott Serena Williams & Tourists Tempt Fate with a Lion | The Daily Show

  • Published on:  9/16/2018
  • Tennis umpires refute Serena Williams’s claims of sexism during her US Open match, Apple unveils its new line of iPhones, and a lion gets friendly with some tourists.

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  • chris wang
    chris wang 1 months ago

    The Daily Show used to be good.

  • Risian
    Risian 1 months ago

    I'm always shoked by how much black people like crime
    I really hope someone gets mad.

  • Risian
    Risian 1 months ago

    Can u be any less funny

  • Puneet Kumar
    Puneet Kumar 3 months ago

    Who said Serena is tennis?
    A game is a game . Bigger than any player ever.
    Sarena is just a player and she must respect game.

  • Darlena Outing
    Darlena Outing 3 months ago

    Serena gets ratings and brings in money, this sport never cared about petty rules before, did that stupid umpire really expect the organization to appreciate him fucking up their money?

  • Shawn
    Shawn 3 months ago

    How surprising all the guys in the comments hate that Serena exposed the referees hypocrisy (and white people expectedly can’t stand racism being brought up)

  • mv vo
    mv vo 3 months ago

    unfunny and cringe inducing soros backed cunt. a mediocre comedian and a blatant racist

  • Paulina Bringas
    Paulina Bringas 3 months ago

    Tiny black people? You mean Kevin Heart?

  • Kamen Kunchev
    Kamen Kunchev 3 months ago

    She has to respect the sport and the referees. This is valid for any sport. It wasn't referee that was yelling or smashing stuff while making parenthood excuses. The officials have full right to uphold the rules. It's also not her first time. I bet you follow the Daily Show Rules by the network and obey pretty strictly otherwise you get kicked out :) Right? Riiiiight?

  • Drishti Karkar
    Drishti Karkar 3 months ago

    This is what's wrong with claiming sexism at every instant. Saying that Serena "is tennis" is really demeaning to countless successful (and struggling) female tennis players. Do you really not see the irony?
    Serena's entitled rant really overshadowed Osaka's well deserved win.
    Trevor's not so good anymore. Sorry, not sorry!

  • Santhosh Prabhu
    Santhosh Prabhu 3 months ago

    'I wont umpire for Serena.'
    'I will umpire who is the other one?'
    'sir you mean the lady who actually won?'

  • Kevo A
    Kevo A 3 months ago


  • Thomas.E. Jensen
    Thomas.E. Jensen 3 months ago

    get new umpires.

  • Ron C
    Ron C 3 months ago

    Trevor Noah 🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🦍🦍🍉🍉🍉🍉

  • Paul Allen
    Paul Allen 3 months ago

    Fuck Serena Williams. She played the sex card.

  • umar Istamov
    umar Istamov 3 months ago

    U mean an animal that already existed like a monkey it's small human like animal

  • Ernie Beltran
    Ernie Beltran 3 months ago

    Trevor is not funny... serena does deserve to be boycotted she acted like a 5yr old out there and doubled down by calling the ump a sexist...

  • cesar Figueiredo
    cesar Figueiredo 3 months ago+1

    yes Trevor, you are a racist....Go fuck yourself

  • RobbyOnTheWay
    RobbyOnTheWay 3 months ago+1

    Serena Williams is just a stupid little brad!
    Something doesn't suit me, I accuse someone of being sexist! What a bullshit!
    #fuckmetoo feminists leaves greet!

  • Spooder man
    Spooder man 3 months ago

    "Why can't black people get the benefit of the doubt" - El dijo conversaciones que personas de color tienen cuando estamos juntos y quejamos de los gabachos. 😆💕