Top 10 Secrets Cruise Ships Don't Want You To Know

  • Published on:  12/11/2017
  • Going on a cruise ship or liner is an ideal vacation but there are some secrets they don't want you to know, but you should be aware of. We've done some digging, and found out some top secrets that cruise liners don’t want you to know.
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    Be Amazed at these 10 SECRETS CRUISE LINERS DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW! DEATHS - A voyage is supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable. It gives you a fresh perspective and a chance to escape your daily troubles. CREWS ARE OFTEN EXPLOITED - Cruise ship crews often go above and beyond to ensure that you're comfortable and enjoy your voyage. Despite being your fairy godmothers on board, they aren't treated very well themselves. Environmental and Health Hazards - The cruise industry is the fastest growing sector of the travel industry and this growing demand has led to bigger and better ships. Yes, this is healthy for economic growth and creation of jobs, but this creates a great amount of problems for the environment and your health. HEALTHCARE - Sometimes we fall ill at most inopportune moment. Even if your insured, medical services on cruise ships can cost a lot, and doctors are only equipped to handle smaller issues. They DON’T PLAY BY THE RULES - Cruise ship casinos aren't subject to the same regulations as mainland casinos given that they sail in international and different territorial waters.

    CRIME - Being on a cruise ship does not mean that you're entirely safe from crimes that occur on the mainland. You're basically on a travelling island with just as many people as a town would have which means crimes are inevitable. PIRATES - When we hear the word pirate, our mind automatically drifts off to captain jack sparrow and black beard. But today's pirates are nothing like those rum-drinking scallywags. PORT CALLS ARE NOT GUARANTEED - A port of call is included in a cruises itinerary from which the ship stops so that passengers can visit the destination. PEOPLE FALL OVERBOARD - Between 2000 and 2016, around 270 people fell overboard while cruising with an average of 20 people falling off ships in recent years. CANCELLATION POLICIES - Cruises are booked in advance and at the time of booking, you may be sure you made all necessary preparations.


  • Saukko Pelleilee
    Saukko Pelleilee 11 days ago

    Tips don't occure in Finland thats where im from

  • Sander Wåge
    Sander Wåge 1 months ago

    I feel so sad for the low paying cruise workers and especially for the Disney cruise worker that fall over bord i realy hope she is ok😥

  • Roadking911
    Roadking911 1 months ago

    Exposed? Hell the ship is moving. Lol

  • Roadking911
    Roadking911 1 months ago

    I’m going to leave the biggest carbon foot print I can.

  • Leevi Juvonen
    Leevi Juvonen 1 months ago

    9 fact is wrong the wessel work pay very good

  • James Lawson
    James Lawson 1 months ago

    Still wanted to find out about the apparent secret room at the front as per the picture at start. False advertising

  • Devbo Slice
    Devbo Slice 1 months ago

    Who wants to get on a filthy moving hotel anyways. It's like a coed prison. Though I might get lucky on a ship, I dont want to get sick with food poisoning or get an std in the middle of nowhere.

  • John More
    John More 1 months ago

    By watching that that tells me I'll never take a freaking Cruise

  • Jort Kamerbeek
    Jort Kamerbeek 1 months ago

    You basically forgot every important item.
    First of all, Ships don't produce that much CO2, the sulfur is a bigger issue.
    Ship don't produce that much Bilge. Especially oily bilge.
    Magic pipe?
    Lloyd's valve?

  • Jason Stroman
    Jason Stroman 1 months ago

    Wait do the dump the grey water in the ocean?

  • Shane Raymer
    Shane Raymer 1 months ago

    Why are dead bodies so scary? I used to work in a cadaver lab and had to clean up skull fragments off the ground. They just human jerky.

  • D Powers
    D Powers 1 months ago

    fuck this carbon footprint....STFU BITCH!

  • Thomas Kinnee
    Thomas Kinnee 1 months ago+1


  • Vortex 43
    Vortex 43 1 months ago

    Not true

  • Ricardo Assis
    Ricardo Assis 1 months ago

    I get 768 dollars per month working 12 hours everyday during 8 months .
    But nobody obligated me to accept this salary .

  • Derek Allyn
    Derek Allyn 1 months ago

    Your comments about the casino is misleading at best. Differing the payouts on blackjack or video poker isn't something regulated on land either. Most Vegas casinos have 6/5 blackjack for lower bet limits as well, and they tinker with the VP pay tables as well. Unless you are implying that the ship actually CHEATS - as in rigging the outcome of electronic games or stacking the deck in card games - to increase their odds, that whole section is utter bullshit.

  • Reg Inald
    Reg Inald 1 months ago

    Another terrible video

  • Kamloops Cruise
    Kamloops Cruise 1 months ago

    You should fact checck your facts.
    1 Ships don't dump anything over board
    1 The pollution fact was false because they used outdated and uncalibrated equipent.

  • Matt Cairo
    Matt Cairo 1 months ago

    That clickbait tho...

  • Matt Cairo
    Matt Cairo 1 months ago

    That clickbait tho...