Purgatony Episode 01 - History’s Greatest Monster

  • Published on:  6/4/2019
  • Cyanide & Happiness has a Patreon! Become an Ultra Mega Pal today ► http://bit.ly/cnhpatreonJoin us to get behind the scenes video and bonus content ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWXC...Subscribe to Explosm! ► http://bit.ly/13xgq7a#comedy#purgatony#cyanide&happinessTony Pergatelli is a low level bureaucrat in Purgatory – a claims adjustor for Death. Day in and day out, Tony reviews the files of the newly dead and decides singlehandedly whether they’re approved or denied to get into Heaven. He’s unqualified, unsure of himself and unbelievably burdened by the weight of his choices. It’s just one thing after another!Tony has to audit several key figures from history who’ve been waiting for decades, if not centuries because their cases were misfiled, and has a hard time judging people from the past by modern ethical standards.Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on http://explosm.net since 2005!


  • marmics96
    marmics96 1 months ago+1406

    Anybody here to make more views for season 2?

  • Flair Inferno
    Flair Inferno 1 months ago+632

    Who came back here from the last episode of season 1

  • Calebrated Gamer
    Calebrated Gamer 2 months ago+1629

    Tony: Sending you to H-E-A-V-E...
    Washington: Are my slaves already there?
    Tony: And backspace, backspace, backspace, backspaaaace.

  • u dont need to know
    u dont need to know 1 months ago+305

    guys who watched the final episode and back here to support the show?

  • Happy More Cowbell
    Happy More Cowbell 2 months ago+1490

    Was she really a Nazi?
    I don't know, Tony. Probably.

  • bill Moller
    bill Moller 1 months ago+258

    Just finished the season, now time for ROUND 2

  • Giarno van Zeijl
    Giarno van Zeijl 2 months ago+2222

    Wait... An explosm production that actually has a good ending?

  • TheVoice OfTruth
    TheVoice OfTruth 2 months ago+179

    A depressing version of The Office

    NAMECOMINGSOON 2 months ago+5661

    Harry the handsome butcher seems to be doing well in purgatory

  • linux750
    linux750 2 months ago+924

    [Adult Swim] material right here.

  • Ajay Kay
    Ajay Kay 1 months ago+178

    Who's back here after the final episode?

  • J-Jeaze
    J-Jeaze 2 months ago+455

    u guys need to contact adult swim. this is gold!

  • batgitz zss
    batgitz zss 2 months ago+958

    Death: Tony..... Tony.....Tony...do u know y I started this company?
    Tony:oh.... God pls jst throw me in the soul shredder 11:06

  • The Dankest Of Memes
    The Dankest Of Memes 2 months ago+2683

    I love how death’s voice isn’t dark or anything,he sounds like a normal person

  • Isis B.S.Q
    Isis B.S.Q 2 months ago+425

    Why does this animation makes me feel so uncomfortable?
    10 Seconds later
    Oh, they have arms

  • Joseph
    Joseph 2 months ago+505

    "10 more souls"
    holds up eight fingers

  • Commmander 64
    Commmander 64 2 months ago+159

    Wait. All cats go to hell?
    Feels A bit like Kratos today.

    FAERONES CHANNEL 2 months ago+134

    fun fact George Washington didn't want slaves but his wife did and wouldn't give them up

  • Give me some weed
    Give me some weed 2 months ago+4558

    Death is actualy a very charismatic guy

  • gabrielle elise
    gabrielle elise  1 months ago+47

    Rewatching the whole thing cuz I freaking LOVE IT 🥰
    (I require a season 2)