SML Movie: Jeffy's New Shoes!

  • Published on:  9/12/2018
  • Jeffy gets new shoes!


  • Mr. Goodman
    Mr. Goodman 11 months ago+5304

    Mr . Goodman is 0 Years Old
    1 Like = 1 Year

  • CreativeCash
    CreativeCash 28 days ago+426

    How many times Jeffy complains and crys?

  • Mr. Kiwi Man
    Mr. Kiwi Man 4 days ago+40

    Roses are red
    Ketchup is too
    Yay I got a like!
    But why is it blue?

  • Elijah Dejesus
    Elijah Dejesus 1 months ago+115

    Everytime Jeffy screamed about the shoe stings is how many kids he has

  • sonnizar2
    sonnizar2 1 months ago+296

    This is how much jeffy hates green beans
    Edit: thx for the likes :D
    Edit 2 : I ain’t a beggar just asking a question noobs

  • Jeffy Paul
    Jeffy Paul 11 months ago+2234

    holy crap i got pinned by logan

  • Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez 1 months ago+143

    This is how many times jeffy said OUW!!
    1 like=1ouw

  • Charleigh Chen
    Charleigh Chen 1 months ago+58

    How many times Jeffy smacks his dipre

  • Reggie Cortes
    Reggie Cortes 1 months ago+35

    Black Yoshi said he got it from a competition

  • Gacha_ Tuber 89
    Gacha_ Tuber 89 1 months ago+33

    My favorite thing that i own is my horse Domino
    Hes just the sweetest thing search up black and white pinto horse

  • Margaret Mc Kinley
    Margaret Mc Kinley 1 months ago+56

    7:44 anyone else notice that Jeffy wasn't at his desk? A couple scenes before that he was at his desk :D

  • Gaige Production
    Gaige Production 1 months ago+21

    toy freedy but i lost him...if i lost bendy id go insane i will never replace them 2 EVER

  • Andria Mellin
    Andria Mellin 14 days ago+22

    Jeffry is 0 years old one like = 1 year older

  • LPS Paws Productions
    LPS Paws Productions 1 months ago+49

    My favorite thing that I own is my phone case ahem jeffy case

  • Emerald Pig
    Emerald Pig 5 months ago+905

    1 like = 1 new pair of shoes for jeffy.

  • DX RAINBOW Tigers
    DX RAINBOW Tigers 1 months ago+35

    My favorite thing is my life

  • Валэнтин
    Валэнтин 1 months ago+46

    Mario: You NEVER pay me black Black Yoshi

  • Olly Gator
    Olly Gator 21 days ago+17

    "Uhh... uh...Yeah Mr Choo Choo train"
    - Black Yoshi

  • AlbaTross Gaming
    AlbaTross Gaming 1 months ago+19

    This is how many times Brooklyn t guy has been an ***hole

  • Yt_ttv yourmomafa
    Yt_ttv yourmomafa 2 months ago+561

    This how many times jeffy gets stung