SML Movie: Jeffy's New Shoes!

  • Published on:  9/12/2018
  • Jeffy gets new shoes!


  • Mick Major 2 months ago

    Black yoshi got no money1 like=$100

  • Nagi Hassan 9 hours ago

    Mick Major 1million 300

  • Logan The Octoling 2 days ago

    Why would I give money to a dickhead?

  • This how many times jeffy gets stung⬇️

  • Kids Deveraux 12 days ago

    Ow 5 times

  • {Fire only} 27 days ago

    CasualSpy yea I’m older like way older!she is way too young she just added writing to make herself look older

  • AnthonyLanza 16 days ago

    How many times Jeffy throws his green beansllV

  • AnthonyLanza 3 days ago

    15 more subscribers and I have 50 subscribers

  • cx zle 5 days ago

    Emi Perez p

  • { ZeroMation } 25 days ago

    “WHOORREE YOUR A WHORE HOW DO YOU SLEEP!!” Best line in SML history

  • FNaF Nightmare an hour ago

    Ooooooww!!!!!! HOLY LOLLIPOP TITS!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!

  • Jeffrey Peng 5 days ago

    You spelled horribly wrong

  • Hypertension Zyol 15 days ago

    I like how jeffy can beat the hell out of bullet bill and junior and bowser and Brookland guy couldn’t.

  • Jeffy Paul 10 months ago

    holy crap i got pinned by logan

  • Josh Ward an hour ago

    Hi jeffy

  • ItsBurst 2 days ago


  • DaQMeister 10350 1 months ago

    Jeffy and Mario should have cut the stinger off

  • Mr. Cheese Nuggets 12 hours ago

    what’s the point of the video if he cuts them off

  • Bobbi's World 2 days ago

    I said th same 😲

  • Alex K 9 days ago

    4:41 did he say you never pay me black?

  • Guadalupe Aguilar 15 days ago

    Uhh they made a mistake jeffy said let's go to chucky cheese but later they said school

  • Reggie Cortes 15 days ago

    Black Yoshi said he got it from a competition