10 Most Unusual Kids In The World

  • Published on:  1/16/2020
  • Some people think it’s only adults who can have something unique about them, but there are a whole bunch of kids out there with cool and interesting sides to them. There are children all over their world with fun quirks, while some of them also suffer with some serious conditions that impact their life. No matter what, though, all of the kids on this list can be labelled as brave, strong, and fearless. Even when doctors have told some of them they wouldn’t live for hours, let alone days, they still fought on and showed those doctors – and the world – exactly what they’re capable of. Stay tuned to see ten of the most unusual kids in the world.

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    Tessa Evans

    It’s not often that you hear about a baby being born without a nose. And that’s because it doesn’t happen often. All in all, there have been under 50 reported cases of people being born without a nose, showing just how rare it really is. And sadly for Tessa Evans, she was one of those people. It was during an ultrasound that Tessa’s parents found out their child would be born without a nose. Tessa’s parents didn’t give up, though. They were scared and worried like most parents would be, but they believed in themselves and their daughter. Tessa was eventually born, and her doctors were able to learn more about her defect. Tessa has a condition called congenital arrhinia and has had numerous surgeries over the years, and she will never have a sense of smell. This is a worry for her parents, as not being able to smell can be a danger – we might take smelling for granted, but it does help us smell things like smoke and bad, old food. Tessa is a strong, bubbly girl, though, and is pulling through day by day.

    Kristina Pimenova

    Every parent looks at their child and thinks they’re the most beautiful thing to ever walk the Earth – but how many of those parents are actually right? All children are beautiful in their own way, but there’s one girl out there who has been labelled the most beautiful girl in the world. Say hello to Kristina Pimenova. She’s constantly labelled as one of the most gorgeous girls the world has ever seen, and even started walking on runways at just four years old. Not many models can say that. She’s worked with some major brands over the years, collaborating with Armani, Roberto Cavalli, and Dolce and Gabbana. Kristina has come a long way from her home in Moscow, Russia, and currently lives in Los Angeles where she continues on with her modelling career.

    Mia Aflalo Shunem

    Have you ever wondered who has the best hair in the world? You probably thought it was some actress or supermodel – but the answer is the total opposite. Say hello to Mia Aflalo Shunem. She’s a five-year-old girl with an amazing head of hair and some serious followers on Instagram. She literally has only fifteen posts on her profile, but she has a whopping 128 thousand followers. And it’s all thanks to her hair. She has some pretty impressive locks. Not much is known about how and why her hair looks so good, but assuming it’s all genetic, then this girl hit the hair jackpot. Her hair is so impressive that the girl has been able to work with big names like British Vogue. Her parents have been criticised for putting her child in the limelight, but there’s no denying the girl’s amazing hair.

    Bayezid Hossain

    We all want what’s best for our kids. We want them to be happy and healthy, but sometimes, that doesn’t always work out. That’s the case for Bayezid Hossain. He’s a seven-year-old boy from Bangladesh who was born with a disease that makes his body age quickly. He’s growing a lot faster than the normal rate, making him look a lot older than he actually is. This has caused his skin to change and sag, and sadly, the boy hasn’t been able to go to school since other children are scared of him. His appearance has caused people to label him as a real life Benjamon Button. Bayezid mother has talked about how smart the boy is, and how fun it is to have a conversation with the kind, soft spoken child. It sounds like Bayezid isn’t letting his condition keep him down, and we can do nothing but praise him and pat him on the back for his strength.
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