The EVIL HISTORY of Vault-Tec EXPLAINED - Fallout Lore

  • Published on:  11/25/2018
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    There’s almost 50 vaults known in the Fallout Universe, each with their own story, and they were all created by the mysterious company known as Vault-Tec. Vault-Tec, while fronting as an organization with the preservation of humanity as its heart, had more sinister, ulterior motives. Learn now the history of Vault-Tec, the Vaults, and the worst of the worst vault experiements done by these despicable people.

    I’ve been working on this video for over a month, and it was meant to be done a week or two ago, but production delays prevented its release until literally today. I uploaded it as soon as I got the final render done. While Fallout Lore will not be a regular installment on this channel, I do plan on giving y’all a taste of the kind of lore episodes I plan to make, and the general style they will have, if we ever reach our goal for launching a separate lore channel. I’m putting my money where my mouth is and showing you what I can do.

    There’s very little Fallout 76 lore in this video because I wrote it before the BETA was even available, and the lore in Fallout 76 is locked behind a lot of level-requirements and quests that I haven’t had time to get to, so there’s not much here. This is meant for folk who haven’t played much 76, and have mostly played Fallout 4, or for folk who just, like, want to hear the Storyteller talk some lore at you.

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