I Bought a C5 Corvette..Here's Why

  • Published on:  11/18/2019
  • For the past few months I've been searching for a car that's reliable, good on gas, and comfortable while still being sporty and looking good. So I bought an 18-year-old Corvette....

    You read that correct. This 2001 C5 Corvette was my choice as a new all-around good car. Its a proven capable platform with its 350 horsepower aluminum LS1 V8 and low weight to carry around. 0-60 is over with in four and a half seconds, and still capable of 30+ MPG on the highway. Is it perfect?

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    The exhaust equipped on this Corvette is a Borla S-Type. Check it out here; https://amzn.to/39HFL2s
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    Borla Exhaust System - https://www.shopabunda.com/products/borla-140017-corvette-cat-back-s-type-system-exhaust?ref=drivehub

    For more of this C5 Corvette click here; https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJm29FHiwpYNyIov51u7oWg4ui56Ebyx8