Irish People Try Singapore Snacks

  • Published on:  12/24/2018
  • MERCH MADNESS: - We had our Irish People try some Singapore snacks...including DURIAN fruit paste?!
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    We were very kindly sent a selection of Singapore snacks to let loose upon our TRYers. Our Irish People were curious...but were they ready for another round of the unique taste of Durian??

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    Brian Gallagher: http://TRY.Media/Brian
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    Justine Stafford : http://TRY.Media/Justine-Stafford
    Vanessa Ifediora: http://TRY.Media/Vanessa

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  • Mark Harrington
    Mark Harrington 3 hours ago

    #JustineStafford, you look very similar to an Australian woman called #SydneyWatson. She is on youtube as well, so pop on over and have a squiz at her channel.

  • Carrie Icash
    Carrie Icash yesterday

    this time I totally agree

  • Paul N
    Paul N 2 days ago

    Note to self..... Singapore Snacks only after the third or more beer.

    MATHHEW TOMPKINS 2 days ago

    Penguin hat cracked me up lol

  • Sass enach
    Sass enach 2 days ago

    For fuck sakes. . Eskimos is like calling a black person a ni##r! INUIT. And since penguins are only native to Antarctica where THERE ARE NO HUMANS... no one is eating them.. Inuit or otherwise.

  • Z Z
    Z Z 3 days ago

    Unsurprisingly, the white people are super close minded and can;t enjoy Asian snacks.

  • Such a Bad Ash
    Such a Bad Ash 3 days ago

    I have a crush on you Shannon!

  • rj west
    rj west 3 days ago

    For the egg yolk you add it to rice

  • Timmy M
    Timmy M 4 days ago

    omg Shannon and Eadaoin are adorable!

  • Sum Guy
    Sum Guy 4 days ago

    Your face is nasty!

  • Aubreydrow Sithlord

    Eadaoin takes "white girl" to a whole new level....

  • BadHabitMarco
    BadHabitMarco 5 days ago

    "All I asked for was a meat stick..." Wow!

  • BadHabitMarco
    BadHabitMarco 5 days ago+1

    @Shannon Keenan ... Did 18 do your eye make-up? Looks fancy :)

  • L. Artemesia Challenger

    ...Penguins and Inuit are not from the same polar region, folks

  • Rob Rich
    Rob Rich 6 days ago

    wow Brian's eye is so blood shot

  • Mel vin
    Mel vin 7 days ago

    i'm from Singapore and i hate everything in this video except the fish skin

  • better Viana
    better Viana 7 days ago

    Try salvadorian food

  • Helen Claudio
    Helen Claudio 8 days ago

    Will there be an actual durian fruit for them? Maybe with the two guys who have peanut butter and Donal...

  • dethaddr
    dethaddr 8 days ago

    Saw Vanessa... left.

  • Hyland Capin
    Hyland Capin 8 days ago

    Vanessa is flaming hot