HUGE CABEZON and the JACKPOT Lingcod. Everyone get their limits here!!!

  • Published on:  10/14/2016
  • Our fishing experience on the Queen of Hearts Charter Boat out of Pillar Point Half Moon Bay. Long video so here's a list of some of the action: Visit for T-Shirts and more!

    Charter Boat: 0:50
    How to Fish Live Bait (Black Rockfish): 2:03
    My Swimbait: 2:50
    Jackpot Lingcod: 3:22
    I See Color!: 5:00
    8lb Cabezon: 5:40
    Hooked up: 6:34
    Hooked another Lingcod: 8:34
    An Illegal Canary Rockfish: 10:27
    How to reel a hitchhiker: 10:27
    Deckhands Fillet Huge Fish: 12:27
    Jackpot!! : 14:57
    What was this thing??? : 18:08