How Did Sylvanas Wipe Out The Lich King And His Army? (WoW Lore)

  • Published on:  11/25/2019
  • You see throughout all of BFA, and even Legion to an extent, one of the biggest criticisms about Sylvanas was that we didn't actually know what she was doing the entire time. She became the warchief in Legion, and then kind of only did stuff in one of the leveling zones, and then wasn't really seen again. And in BFA we constantly have to report to her, especially if you're a Sylvanas loyalist, and she's very cryptic about what her ultimate plan is, but very obviously has a plan, she just never told anyone what it was. And so far, with the reveal of the Shadowlands cinematic, we still don't know what her plan is, but we have a much better idea of what it could possibly be, based on all the little nuggets of information we've been given throughout the last two expansions.
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