Top 11 CRAZIEST Things People Found In Their Backyard!

  • Published on:  4/12/2020
  • From a giant hoard of treasure, to an entire long lost city, here are 11 strange things people found in their backyard!

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    11. Medieval Treasure
    In 2007 an Austrian man was turning the dirt in his backyard when he made one of the most important archaeological discoveries the country has seen in recent times. He realized, as he was digging into the earth, that there were shiny and smooth stones. He picked some up, and when he ran them under water revealed what appeared to be precious objects. It was a hoard!!

    10. A Lost Tunnel
    You know how there is a law in most cities where you can’t dig more than a certain depth on your property without a permit? You can hit pipelines, or electrical lines or whatever, but in this case, breaking the law paid off!! In Giza the ancient pyramids stand looming over the landscape, and when you dig in your backyard you can never be entirely sure what you might find.

    7. Silver and Platinum Bars
    In 2019, traffic cops in Wexford County, Michigan, pulled over a suspect who was driving erratically and, when they searched his car, found a large supply of drugs and, strangely, ten silver bars, each weighing 10-ounces, and four 1-ounce platinum bars that were valued at nearly 5 thousand dollars. The driver had a suspended license and no insurance.

    5. A Ferrari
    Car enthusiasts around the world dream of one day owning a Ferrari, but just imagine finding one buried in your backyard! In 1978 a group of kids were digging in the mud outside an L.A home in West Athens when they hit something that appeared to be the roof of a car just beneath the surface.

    4 Human Remains
    A Scottish family was stunned when, after digging in their backyard to re-lay some pipework, they uncovered a large trove of human remains. Fearing for the worst they called local authorities, but when investigators were sent they found that the remains were more than 250 years old. What's more, the story behind how they came to be here was far stranger than they could have possibly thought.

    3. A Capital City
    A few years ago, while searching for potential archeological sites to research in Chiapas, Mexico, a researcher from the University of Pennsylvania was waved down by a street vendor. The man told him that his friend, a cattle rancher, had found a stone tablet in his backyard. So the archaeologist went to go and investigate. The rancher showed him the tablet and they were able to verify its authenticity.

    1. Mastodon Bones
    In 2012, two boys named Eric and Andrew from Detroit, Michigan were building a dam in the creek that flows through their backyard when Eric saw a strange-looking rock sticking up from the ground. His cousin, Andrew, immediately recognized it as an animal bone. Eric’s father, an internal medicine doctor, confirmed Andrew’s assessment. The family called in a paleontologist from the Cranbrook Institute of Science in Bloomfield Hills who later authenticated the bone as an axis, or neck bone, from a mastodon some 13,000 years old!