Georgia's White Dirt aka Edible Clay - Why Would You Eat That?

  • Published on:  3/29/2013
  • This week's Why Would You Eat That? treat comes straight to us from Georgia -- not everyone's favorite officemate, the state! Who knew that if you got really hungry and broke, you could just eat dirt and it would actually be good for you?! Georgia white dirt is a kind of clay, called kaolin, that helps with digestion and also has some serious nutrients and minerals. Subscribe for more fooddities:

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    Often eaten by pregnant women to help with morning sickness, this time Georgia white dirt is eaten by losers in this week's Feed the Office -- losers of Rock, Paper, Scissors, that is! Watch the brave members of our office take the challenge and down some chalky white clay, also known as kaolin. The Why Would You Eat That? hosts discover people have been eating clay throughout the ages. Even Gandhi was known to partake in the stuff! Watch and see how our eaters react to this bizarre food.

    Have you ever tried this? Who has the best reaction to this? Do you think this is the grossest food we've done?

    On Why Would You Eat That? we scour the globe for the most bizarre foods and explain why anyone would be crazy enough to eat them. You'll be shocked to see how one man's trash can actually be another man's delicacy. Don't forget to subscribe to Tasted for a new episode of Why Would You Eat That? every Friday!

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