• Published on:  9/14/2018
  • My mom took away my G Wagon and made me drive around Beverly Hills in and old beat up car!


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    Beverly Hills, CA 90210


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  • Maitlyn Aleman
    Maitlyn Aleman 4 hours ago

    Dum brat

  • Agent piggles
    Agent piggles 4 hours ago

    first world probeblems

  • Sam B
    Sam B 4 hours ago

    Your mom is preaching

  • kyra bradburry
    kyra bradburry 5 hours ago

    I'm not trying to be mean or anything but her mom spoiling her so much does not give her life lessons for her to be on her own... Dr. Phil gave her mom amazing advice and she just ignored him why even go on the show if your not going to listen to him

  • Angel Adkins
    Angel Adkins 5 hours ago

    Everyone that is bashing her parenting, from one mama to another, stop. She is doing her best. She is a hard worker who happens to make good money. She worked hard to get where she is. Who cares what she chooses to do with her money. If she wants to buy her kids nice things, what's the problem with that? Celebs that you look up to & admire everyday do the same things, its just not broadcasted on youtube.
    Much love to this family ♡

  • Jackie Ramirez
    Jackie Ramirez 5 hours ago

    Why are the showing the license

  • Brenda Gilbert
    Brenda Gilbert 5 hours ago

    That car is like what most teens get

  • Mansi Mohan
    Mansi Mohan 11 hours ago+1

    what the hell?? children are dying hungry and getting raped and dying in wars. And she is concerned how her daughter will drive that car????? am i in twilight zone?? i think they should make her watch the news and syria bombing videos !

  • Chaz Alexander
    Chaz Alexander yesterday

    This is all a act to make money

  • Grainne Jones
    Grainne Jones yesterday

    You look like rclbeauty101

  • Ceetee Obi
    Ceetee Obi yesterday

    Most trashy car ever ur broke

  • Moddy628
    Moddy628 yesterday

    I can't walk because I'm in like Chanel heels. And let me just leave this LV bag out.. because we're a bunch of cunts trying to get famous of being dumb af.

  • Angel Hinojos
    Angel Hinojos yesterday

    Car is a car

  • ANA Jimenez
    ANA Jimenez 2 days ago+1

    Her mom voice annoys mee wtf

  • shannon steinhauer
    shannon steinhauer 2 days ago

    You guys, the mom isn’t laughing about the car, she’s laughing at the fact that she gets to torture her daughter. Chill.

  • Awesome Boy365
    Awesome Boy365 2 days ago

    Why does she nearly have 700k subs?!?

  • lauren vaudagna
    lauren vaudagna 2 days ago

    wow, spoiled little brat!!!! I was excited to drive anything when I was her age!

  • Isabella 08
    Isabella 08 3 days ago

    You were on dr Phil

  • violetcrumble57
    violetcrumble57 3 days ago

    With a mother like that how can this poor girl be anything else but the way she is

  • Zhoviah
    Zhoviah 3 days ago

    Shit I might have to go fuck her mom 💀