Sense of Self-Value ft. xQc | Dr. K Interviews

  • Published on:  5/12/2020
  • Dr. K talks with @xQcOW about value, self-sabotage, and $1000 bicycles.
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    00:00 Introduction
    6:45 tilt, immersion, self-sabotage
    16:30 Dr. K patient storytime, Overwatch
    24:20 Twitch cares about xQc
    33:50 Caring about Appearances
    41:05 "Is your dad proud of you?"
    54:50 Unhealthy mindset, but it works
    1:13:53 Fundamental sense of value
    1:25:30 xQc's dad and a true sense of value
    1:40:30 Takeaways
    1:47:00 Meditation

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