• Mari Jjang
    Mari Jjang 2 months ago+13597

    Strongest Scalp in JYP Entertainment:
    1. Dahyun
    2. Bambam
    3. The dog from this MV.

  • Choi Beomgyu
    Choi Beomgyu 7 days ago+1054

    When the maknae is as old as you and you regret your life choices and look at yourself like...

  • •paris Edits•
    •paris Edits• 5 days ago+420

    let's go 💪

  • south korea
    south korea 5 days ago+470

    Who else misses Dalla Dalla so much after watching Icy?

  • editsxkimi
    editsxkimi 6 days ago+786

    They really did Yuna wonders with that blonde hair in ICY, I like the dark hair but that blonde must stay forever😂

  • myk ryu
    myk ryu 7 days ago+466

    who’s here bcs they suddenly missed dalla dalla in the middle of icy era

  • cherry hannah
    cherry hannah 14 days ago+914

    Icy = 100m
    Dalla dalla = 200m
    Midzy we can do it

  • Maya Gentry
    Maya Gentry 3 days ago+195

    A girl group singing about loving themselves instead of boys 👏👏

  • MonsterFKS
    MonsterFKS 20 hours ago+31

    Dalla Dalla:
    Debut View: 17.1M
    Comeback View:18.1M

  • SarangeAF KPOP
    SarangeAF KPOP 6 months ago+1672

    0:38 - Ryujin (Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Center)
    0:46 - Yeji (Leader, Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper)
    0:55 - Chaeryeong (Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist)
    1:02 - Yuna (Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Visual, Maknae)
    1:17 - Lia (Main Vocalist)
    My bias Ryujin
    My bias wrecker Yeji and Lia

  • Grace J
    Grace J 4 days ago+303

    When I first listened to it I didn’t think it was anything special but now I love the song

  • Indonesia Lovers Lovers
    Indonesia Lovers Lovers 17 hours ago+6

    Up for like itzy the best new artist JYP entertainment

  • All about K-Pop
    All about K-Pop 7 days ago+196

    Yeji: Main Dancer, Lead vocalist, lead rapper, mah bias
    Chaeryeong: Main Dancer, Lead vocalist, lead rapper, mah bias
    U both really don't like to have one position alone? Huh?

  • Victoria Leong
    Victoria Leong yesterday+21

    1:53 Yeji's dance moves got me feeling some type of way 😰

  • Ashley Elvay
    Ashley Elvay 21 days ago+4207

    When it's ICY era but you're still not over DALLA DALLA....
    Thanks for the likes 💜💜💜

  • 애정김태형
    애정김태형 14 days ago+565

    *Congratulations ITZY for your win in MGMA<3
    *Presenting you the BEST NEW FEMALE ARTIST OF 2019*
    You will pave your way to the highest like your seniors<3
    Edit: thank you for so many likes never expected 😅

  • Annett Tsvelykh
    Annett Tsvelykh 7 days ago+403

    ITZY: I love myself
    BTS: let's collab

  • Nicole Calcina
    Nicole Calcina 14 days ago+134

    ITZY "DALLA DALLA" - 2019/08/05:
    #26 Naver (-2)
    #36 Genie (-1)
    #37 Bugs (-2)
    #37 MelOn (+2)
    #49 Mnet (-1)
    #55 Soribada (-5)

  • Park Thim cute BTS
    Park Thim cute BTS 7 days ago+228

    Itzy had the best debut in 2019 . I say it . I mean it. Let's get this to 150M mitzy ....... Love ya ❤

  • Lil Min Suga
    Lil Min Suga 6 months ago+4663

    1st listen: Ugh, I don't really like it
    2nd listen: Hmm, I kinda like the beat...
    3rd listen: DALLA DALLA