[Countryhumans] American History 1700-2000 || Complete Palette MAP

  • Published on:  4/19/2020
  • PHEW ITS DONE ITS DONE ITS DONE!!! AAAA!!! Thank you everyone who joined and drew fan art! This is so fucking EPIC!!!!

    This is a color palette and semi-script MAP about US history featuring Countryhumans United States. The events are listed in the end credits along with the animators. Each part represents a different event in US history.

    Major controversial/sensitive or recent events are being left out. It just seems tacky to mention those in an upbeat MAP about a cartoon ya’feel? All countries have terrible histories and America is no different, we acknowledge that. This MAP is just not the right place to have a discussion about it. Thank you for understanding, I hope I’m clear.

    Also I’m leaving the translations open to edit. Keep in mind the lyrics are ignored throughout this entire video so don’t worry if a line doesn’t translate well. Close enough is fine. Thank you in advance!

    !!!!Quick Q&A!!!!

    What is a MAP?
    A Multiple Animators Project. Different people worked on different parts which is why the art and editing style changes so often.

    Who animated (insert time stamp)?
    The last minute of the video has credits! Please watch it! But here’s a playlist anyway- https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4WxL0NKzO2RTo9F22EqUFyYBF5-CQP8f

    Where’s my country?
    Bruh, it’s an /American/ history MAP idk what you expected.

    You forgot (insert historic event).
    I didn’t forget anything. I could only pick so many events. If it was left out that doesn’t make it unimportant, I just couldn’t find a place for it OR it was way too controversial and I didn’t feel right putting it in. Plus the MAP doesn’t go past the year 2000. Please respect my decision! Thank you uwu

    Why the censor!1?1!1? You erase history, libtard!1!1!
    Well, it’s too late to do anything about it. I thought it’d be a cool idea visually. I’m not sensitive to swastikas or confederate flags, I’ve drawn those countless times. I just didn’t (emphasis on “didn’t”, my opinion changed) like how those characters represent /only/ that era of time. I wanted this MAP to be an upbeat american history map that appealed to everyone in the fandom AND outside of it (you must admit a walking swastika is a huge turn off for people outside the fandom) I didn’t want it to be another “edgy map by those nazi-fetishists in the countryhumans fandom eheheh!1!1!” and I thought it would be a distraction to have those characters here. I thought people would focus more on them than the actual subject. Although it seems I made a mistake since now the censor is the distraction- My bad, I shouldn’t have let my opinion of those characters get in the way of this MAP. But like I said it’s too late. I'll do something different next time. Just please don’t be hateful toward the people who had those parts they were just following my dumb rules and did a great job regardless!

    Songs Used-
    Main- Birdhouse In Your Soul by They Might Be Giants
    Credits- The Communists Have The Music by They Might be Giants (instrumental)
    I know it’s kinda ironic but the vibe and beat was exactly what I wanted…