Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - #24



  • Cormac MacSuibhne
    Cormac MacSuibhne 2 months ago+1233

    If the currency is bubble gum, then it can be inflated and deflated at will.

    I NEED MOUNTAIN DEW RED 3 months ago+2810

    The Jimmy Williams short made me pretty uncomfortable.

  • Lost Legend
    Lost Legend 3 months ago+1538

    We need more of that immortal green shirted guy

  • Tea sis 2
    Tea sis 2 2 months ago+551

    He protecc,
    He attacc,
    But most importantly,
    He's Jimmy Williams and he approves this message

  • Red Hoodie
    Red Hoodie 2 months ago+210

    "The only reason people call you 'Fart In A Jar Martin' is because you're always carrying around a fart in a jar, Martin..."

  • [Glitch] IceBearulz99
    [Glitch] IceBearulz99 3 months ago+350

    I knew buying that vault of gum would come in handy.

  • MikePlaysPayday
    MikePlaysPayday 3 months ago+518

    I'm Tom Harrison, and I am not Jimmy Williams.

  • Trantor The Troll
    Trantor The Troll 3 months ago+148

    I'm TOTALLY filling out "Racist" as my Ethnicity for now on lol

  • Internet Gangsta
    Internet Gangsta 3 months ago+220

    Not sure, but Jimmy Williams might be Ricky Spanish.

  • epic doggo
    epic doggo 3 months ago+246

    0:31 he freaking turn himself into a blobfish

  • Super Owen 64
    Super Owen 64 3 months ago+220

    If you didn't notice the family in "winning numbers" is the same one from "that's it"

  • FrenchFry
    FrenchFry 2 months ago+114

    Jimmy Williams sounds like the little sht from gravity falls

  • A Silly Goose
    A Silly Goose 4 months ago+3017

    Holy frick I’m hecking rich as flip

  • Inboundrocket
    Inboundrocket 3 months ago+89

    11:33 why does the jar have to have my birth day on it?

  • Frak Spikes
    Frak Spikes 1 months ago+59

    when you're immortal
    bored af
    and can't feel pain

  • Desmond Dawson
    Desmond Dawson 2 months ago+70

    Kills himself
    Must be a mondaaaay

  • Mr Phsyco
    Mr Phsyco 2 days ago+4

    An a adult having a loose tooth?

  • Joe N.
    Joe N. 3 months ago+58

    Fart-In-A-Jar Martin is 33 years old now. Feel old yet?

  • felix mercenary
    felix mercenary 3 months ago+46

    If the dad made me give up a lottery ticket cause i cussed i wouldve shot him

  • Longmont_Fire
    Longmont_Fire 3 months ago +70

    Does the 1st clip remind anyone of Happy Tree Friends to?