The Mind of Jake Paul - Teaser Trailer

  • Published on:  9/11/2018
  • 9.25.18


  • shane
    shane  9 days ago+90847


  • Savannah Garcia
    Savannah Garcia a minute ago


  • Kawehi Bolanos
    Kawehi Bolanos 4 minutes ago

    Shane I legit wish you the best during this one, I just came from Casey neistats interview with him and I have to say that it was so so frustrating to watch. Nevertheless I will still watch your series because you’re amazing and I love you!

  • Cinno
    Cinno 4 minutes ago


  • Marcel Lariviere
    Marcel Lariviere 6 minutes ago

    "I think he's going to be mad when he finds out what this series is actually about" 😂

  • Tea Drinker
    Tea Drinker 7 minutes ago

    4 Days.... Waiting😭😭😑😦😴💞
    Everyone else is complaining about jake but im exited for these seriess!!! Soo interesting

  • Chris is Crazy
    Chris is Crazy 15 minutes ago

    the fuck? Anyways, funny story. Before shane made that video of going to see his dad, i kinda duck so fucking far deep that i thought slenderman was shane's father, ik ik its stupid but i had y reasons XD
    She always used to/does say he has no emotions and feelings, how do you show emotion - through your face!!!! And who is the nightmare we all know today - slenderman. And in other videos he has explained how he saw a man in a suit with no face watch him sleep like a guardian. Or was it him just looking at his child in pride.

  • Brittany Mielke
    Brittany Mielke 17 minutes ago

    So I am just going to drop this link here: some foreshadowing of the series?

  • ashley faith
    ashley faith 19 minutes ago

    when is he going to start uploading :,(

  • Adamantium
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  • Lauren Shieh
    Lauren Shieh 25 minutes ago

    everyone thought series was gonna be about jojo siwa. but no, it’s worse.

  • Lavanya's Studio
    Lavanya's Studio 26 minutes ago

    I watched this since I was 11.. he had about 7 million subs. I am so happy for you shane. Keep going.. you're doing amazing don't ever let anyone let you down. You're the Queen. No just Queen, you're THE QUEEN. Congrats on 17 Mil! There was so much going in in your life, coming out of the closet, breakups and what not.. I know it was hard ,but we are always here to support you. You are the only youtube with Liza Koshy whom I could really relate and feel the videos. Thank you for your efforts to keep us entertainmented. Love you so much, Shane. ❤️

  • Bryce Foster
    Bryce Foster 28 minutes ago+1

    We need a new series countdown like new years for this

  • batata
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  • Matt Mort
    Matt Mort 38 minutes ago

    4 MORE DAYS! O_O

  • Moon Rook
    Moon Rook 46 minutes ago

    When are you going to fight Onision, you pussy? He wants a boxing match. Stop hiding

  • Hazel Bortel
    Hazel Bortel 47 minutes ago

    This video is just 1:08 long but still is better than any of Jake Paul's videos.

  • Hayley Everage
    Hayley Everage 51 minutes ago

    Currently dying I can’t wait!

  • ali G
    ali G 55 minutes ago

    Yeah I don’t give a shit but I’ll still watch... um, has anyone told you how good looking you are today ?