The Samsung Galaxy M Will Have A Radical Price



  • Ramenga Hauchhum
    Ramenga Hauchhum 6 hours ago

    I am done with Exynos Processor.

  • Kalsang Norbu
    Kalsang Norbu  9 hours ago

    I bet if Samsung launches a phone like that in that price point, goodbye mid level Chinese phones.

  • Legend Bryant
    Legend Bryant 13 hours ago+1

    Who is watching on the date of 1-23-19

  • Chetan Burman
    Chetan Burman yesterday

    I'll buy Samsung not mi

  • Shounak Joshi
    Shounak Joshi yesterday

    The M Series is Designed in India, Made in India and Made for India. That's how we Indians do it......

  • tuhlunksss
    tuhlunksss yesterday

    is that indian music in the background?

  • Israel Makinde
    Israel Makinde yesterday

    These M series phones will become obsolete too soon cuz a mali G71mp2 is pure rubbish, its a weak gpu, cuz gpu is the life of a phone. I'll get a Nokia X5 instead, cuz i'm sure this device will be more expensive than the nokia x5. The M series is basically another broad day robbery, i hope people aren't ignorant of that

  • John Riggs
    John Riggs yesterday

    If you can't wait for the Samsung M and don't mind the notch, get the BLU VIVO XL4. If you compare these phones on GSM Arena, both phones have almost identical specs! No wonder both phones have close pricing. The XL4 is available now.

  • Antking1117
    Antking1117 yesterday

    camera better have image stabilizer

  • Anita Gulla
    Anita Gulla 2 days ago

    Great content.

  • Dan The Man
    Dan The Man 2 days ago

    Only 32 gigs for 2019 media?
    This will never make it in the US

  • Veroblaze X
    Veroblaze X 2 days ago

    Interesting video but I hate this set up

  • Mark Ryan Legaspi
    Mark Ryan Legaspi 2 days ago

    India is not the main target but one of their main targets. The real deal is south east asia.

  • Kucik Kucik
    Kucik Kucik 2 days ago

    The Mali gpu are one of the downside. Unlike redmi using Adreno. Really powerful and versatile gpu. And also easy to tweak..and also the Snapdragon. Really useful for tech savy.

  • Abhi Jayant
    Abhi Jayant 2 days ago

    *India is HUGE Market for Smartphones we l0ve to change our phones within 1 year like we change our GFs* 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Abhi Jayant
    Abhi Jayant 2 days ago

    *Samsung M series will rock Indian Market as per Price and as per specs* 😍

  • Lungelo Sibiya
    Lungelo Sibiya 3 days ago

    Android one need to be on all midrange and entry level devices

  • 2000 Youtube subscribers Challenge

    After trolling apple for the notch many times,now samsung came with a notch

  • Juhaiver Pasague
    Juhaiver Pasague 4 days ago

    3gb/32gb come on its 2019 nah

  • Alex John
    Alex John 4 days ago

    Which background music is this