The Samsung Galaxy M Will Have A Radical Price



  • somaan azam 5 months ago

    This channel just went from Unbox Therapy to Therapy

  • Alexander Supertramp 5 months ago

    Wierd background music

  • GAME FACT NS 5 months ago

    I think they ran out of stuff to unbox.

  • dark side 4 months ago


  • ognightwing 5 months ago

    @Zoe Shelley B E G O N E T H O T

  • Chinmay panhale 5 months ago

    2019: SAMSUNG M series.After few years: SAMSUNG T series😂.

  • Meme Girl 1 months ago


  • Isha Mukesh 1 months ago

    No it's bitch lasagna

  • Dim TS7 5 months ago

    5,000MAh in a SΛMSUNG Phone that costs 200$...It's a bomb guys.

  • Humayra Malida 3 months ago

    I promise I am watching this on an m20

  • Rohan Satram 5 months ago

    Lew: Actually talking The other guy: can you stop talking I wanna look at my laptop

  • GOAT 3 months ago

    "the other guy" 😂

  • MR. R.G.T 5 months ago

    I guess unbox therapy is shifting to chat therapy!!

  • dark side 4 months ago

    Yea Real Talk Brand Like Samsung for cheaper price is Wow ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Ra Hul 4 months ago

    hell would've broken loose if they named it T-Series instead of M-Series 🤣

  • Animéternal 5 months ago

    Redmi note 7(48mp camera + USB type C + Fast charging 4.0 with 4100 mah battery + Gorilla glass 5 + SD660=150$) stomps Galaxy M series in my opinion.(In terms of feature not accounting ui lol)

  • Thirdy Mendiola 29 days ago

    UI, that's the problem

  • rieq greg 3 months ago

    M30: ouh so um.. I have most of them but better


  • JaedenRed 2 days ago

    @tech talk you can't compare an iPhone that costs $1,099 to an entry level smartphone which costs less than $200. If Apple had balls to release an entry level phone that costs $200 only then can you compare the two. But for now you're just an Apple bitch.

  • @tech talk what other copying craziness do you see with the M series?

  • Cristiano Collection 5 months ago

    Samsung Galaxy M - " I Have Radical Price "Apple - Hold My Beer😂