73 Questions With Lady Gaga | Vogue

  • Published on:  9/13/2018
  • On the eve of the release of her new film, "A Star Is Born," Lady Gaga invites Vogue to her LA home and answers 73 intriguing questions. While sitting outside, amongst perfectly placed potted plants and flowering ivy, Lady Gaga talks about her songwriting process, working with actor-turned-director Bradley Cooper, and her upcoming Vegas residency.

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    73 Questions With Lady Gaga | Vogue

    Created By: Joe Sabia
    Styled By: Taylor Angino


  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson 2 minutes ago

    Before you comment, keep in mind that she deals with severe chronic pain almost all the time

  • Bri Believe
    Bri Believe 51 minutes ago

    This makes me not like her, the interview seems cold and distant, not even the elevator music in the background helps. Like why is he so far away? Weird

  • Andrea
    Andrea 3 hours ago

    Anyone else clocking the "soon"... answer when asked about beauty? Should we be expecting a Gaga beauty/makeup line soon?

  • Gg GF
    Gg GF 3 hours ago


  • Natasha
    Natasha 9 hours ago

    So classy. What a Lady.

  • J. C.
    J. C. 10 hours ago+2

    Vogue didn't step one foot inside that house but that patio was giving me life

  • 杨毓秀
    杨毓秀 11 hours ago


  • Noemi Lopez
    Noemi Lopez 12 hours ago

    I love that fashion can be about expression and also a form of hiding. I love this truth. I love her.

  • The Hermanns Brothers
    The Hermanns Brothers 14 hours ago

    Nobody walk around the Queens palace and certainly not sit right next to her even when there's an chair 🤣

  • Jack Hoffman
    Jack Hoffman 14 hours ago+1

    She is my Queen

  • Nathalia Ordonez
    Nathalia Ordonez 16 hours ago

    My favorite video of 73 questions❤️ I LOVE HER SO MUCH😫😫😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Sofia Milks
    Sofia Milks 17 hours ago


  • Yang Yang
    Yang Yang 17 hours ago


  • Pearl Weinstock
    Pearl Weinstock 17 hours ago

    he is sooo awkward

  • CalypsoCruz
    CalypsoCruz 18 hours ago

    This felt like the most least rehearsed Q&A! I always wondered if they're put on the spot or know the questions beforehand. Some older ones have been super obvious that they were rehearsed. This one is so great!

  • the black moon
    the black moon 18 hours ago

    Very classic and magical.

  • Jemima Boka
    Jemima Boka 18 hours ago

    We ain’t coming into her house are we :(

  • kingamazing01 yo
    kingamazing01 yo 19 hours ago

    Shane’s was better...

  • Fernando Lerma
    Fernando Lerma 20 hours ago+2

    She's so boring

  • Danielle F
    Danielle F 20 hours ago

    She seemed the least scripted