Playing Smash Bros Ultimate with Strangers

  • Published on:  3/30/2019
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  • Macey King 2 months ago

    “You’ll hear Kirby’s signature catch phrase”“ _eaaaaiieahh_ ”

  • Cipher yesterday

    IkrLOL 😂

  • WindexVideos 2 months ago

    Macey King poyo

  • Blank Dragyn 2 months ago

    "let me see if I can get Kirby's signature catch phrase""...hello??""Love it"

  • Idek anymore 2 months ago

    **Censored Image**“It’s baby Kirby”New Location Discovered: Prison

  • j. owo 2 months ago

    TheShinyDorks Kirby goes to jail

  • j. owo 2 months ago

    TheShinyDorks Kirby's going to jail

  • Kobi ! 2 months ago

    All he uses is ⬇🅱*Alexander Spammin 'em*

  • frostedUber 2 months ago

    Kirby mains be like

  • HasPrivilege 2 months ago

    sees a dingle on the screen*so alaxander tiny, man*

  • Mechafinch Personal 2 months ago

    The complete lack of context for the people and their initial confusion is beautiful

  • That One Guy 2 days ago

    What's even better is that some people play along

  • Meme Insider 2 months ago

    stranger: literally anythingjack: I love that

  • planet 4 2 months ago

    what an icon

  • Creator Link 2 months ago


  • Just An Edit 2 months ago

    It took me 3 minutes to realise he actually was on Omegle and not just an over-recording

  • ZAD 2 months ago

    Look in the bottom corner

  • FoxCom 2 months ago

    Yeah it wasn't until the Ice Climbers that I figured it out and he wasn't just taking prerecorded clips

  • Audrey Latt 2 months ago

    “So you see, Bowser Jr. is back in Smash Brothers Ultimate... and uh, yes, he’s a little smaller than daddy... much smaller as you can see...”

  • 3BODYKING99 1 months ago

    He literally killed him lol

  • Big Chungus 2 months ago

    *Law and Order intro plays*

  • Kamil Henri Music 2 months ago

    Casually roasting Omegle fappers by calling them Baby Bowser and Baby Kirby

  • Dinosaurus Rex 25 days ago

    *bowser jr.

  • Nicarrasco iturrial  1 months ago

    @LeontheSmithy what if they do? Is It wrong if they like guys? Why does that make them weirdos and not the fact that they're fuckin jacking on omegle?

  • Bre-Anne Newby 2 months ago

    "It's not actually Jacksfilms.""It is. Now if I press this..."His best comedic moment and you can't convince me otherwise.

  • Elizabeth Sondock 1 months ago

    Bre-Anne Newby i screamed

  • Exayevie 2 months ago

    So smooth lol