US Open Winner Naomi Osaka Speaks Out On Controversial Serena Williams Match | TODAY

  • Published on:  9/10/2018
  • Twenty-year-old Naomi Osaka beat Serena Williams in a U.S. Open final that took an emotional turn after the umpire penalized Williams for three violations. After the tense match, there were boos from the crowd. In that moment, Osaka tells TODAY, she was “a little bit sad,” saying, “I wasn’t sure if they were booing at me.”» Subscribe to TODAY:» Watch the latest from TODAY: TODAY brings you the latest headlines and expert tips on money, health and parenting. We wake up every morning to give you and your family all you need to start your day. If it matters to you, it matters to us. We are in the people business. Subscribe to our channel for exclusive TODAY archival footage & our original web series. Connect with TODAY Online!Visit TODAY's Website: TODAY on Facebook: TODAY on Twitter: TODAY on Google+: TODAY on Instagram: TODAY on Pinterest: Open Winner Naomi Osaka Speaks Out On Controversial Serena Williams Match | TODAY


  • Diana Brown
    Diana Brown 11 months ago+1967

    This poor girl played her heart out and won and doesn't even get to enjoy it...shame on the people running the ceremony for letting that go on the way that it did.

  • TheAverageJo1
    TheAverageJo1 11 months ago+2547

    This girl is naturally humble. She doesn’t even need to try. I hope she stays grounded. A Good character that needs to be guarded.

  • Jeremy Martin
    Jeremy Martin 11 months ago+1089

    The media wants her to give a controversial comment but she isn't falling for the bait

  • fafafuhi 22
    fafafuhi 22 11 months ago+935

    America embraces you Naomi... Forget that fake crowd at the US open.... You're a true champ

  • jared day
    jared day 11 months ago+1478


  • Sophia E
    Sophia E 11 months ago+734

    This was the worst interview! WHAT DOES SERENA SMELL LIKE!??!? SERENA, SERENA! All of Osaka's photos of her winning have Serena in them.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 11 months ago+659

    These are the dumbest interviewers ever.

  • BulletproofKam
    BulletproofKam 11 months ago+529

    These hosts are a joke they didn't even research her! She's played Serena before but they thought it was the first time!! Bad hosts!!

  • Henry Wang
    Henry Wang 11 months ago+307

    When you have two interviewers and they still can't ask any decent questions...

  • Gregory Tyse
    Gregory Tyse 11 months ago+227

    im sooo glad for this Haitian/Japanese family! They surely deserved it!

  • maggie bridget
    maggie bridget 11 months ago+176

    Stop stealing Naomi's moment!!!

  • Keith Reed
    Keith Reed 11 months ago+119

    Terrible interviewing... But what a darling Naomi Osaka is... Welcome to the big time...

  • reggie43 !
    reggie43 ! 11 months ago+111

    I hope she wins more titles and becomes a superstar 🌠 she is very likable, congrats

  • Sakura Matsushita
    Sakura Matsushita 11 months ago+2005

    I think the interviewers should ask more about Naomi, not about Serena. I hope they show more respect to Naomi.

  • Jack Wayne
    Jack Wayne 11 months ago+141

    How can you NOT LOVE NAOMI OSAKA!? She is AMAZING in soo many ways , and many individuals can learn from her 🙂

  • kevindlinc
    kevindlinc 11 months ago+88

    Those interviewers are dirt. Just can't wait to take something positive and head down a negative path!

  • Intigeral
    Intigeral 11 months ago+32

    The interviewers are TERRIBLE. I wanted to hear about Naomi, not Serena, Serena, Serena...

  • Recognize Real
    Recognize Real 11 months ago+42

    Takes notes everyone. Humility at its finest.

  • DennygirlJO
    DennygirlJO 11 months ago+7823

    So pure and innocent. Now she's got to start a life of dealing with the ugliness of fame. Ugh. Such a sweet girl!

  • Amy Stevens
    Amy Stevens 11 months ago+19

    This poor woman had the highest moment so far of her career taken away from her. Shame on the US Open for not allowing her to enjoy her success and instead making her feel like she has to apologise for it!