Twins Go in a WOMB SIMULATOR together!!

  • Published on:  7/9/2019
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  • Hansika Yadav 13 days ago

    this dude’s like “did these kids even go to school”

  • Hayley Reed 18 minutes ago

    Hannah hairdrey they were homeschooled. They never actually fully dropped out

  • Hayley Reed 19 minutes ago

    Alyse Martin that is not really dropping out. Dropping out means when you completely quit school and don’t ever do it again. They were homeschooled

  • Ria Patel 4 days ago

    “Ethan and Grayson annoying a doctor for 15 minutes straight.” 😂

  • Eva Vlogs 3 hours ago


  • Eva Vlogs 3 hours ago


  • gracie rae ellen 5 days ago

    them: “this is youtube we cant be naked” me: “sure you can.”

  • Chloe Kelley 5 hours ago


  • Mik 7 hours ago

    Thats gay

  • Ling .t.h 2 days ago

    Slightly disturbing if you really think about it. Two grown men in a plastic ball filled with water pretending to be in their mom’s womb again

  • Emily smith  2 hours ago

    def someone's fetish

  • Sydney Freedom 3 hours ago

    lmao fr

  • Loubilou 2323 2 days ago

    The doctor for sure thinks they’re idiots and know nothing...the facial expressions said it all

  • Triniti Graham yesterday

    Loubilou 2323 Yupp 😂😂

  • Derria Mcneal 13 days ago

    Emma: *pregnant*Grethan: *in the womb*Next Video: *Emma Birthing Grethan*

  • Kaylee Wilhite 7 minutes ago

    Derria Mcneal 𝕨𝕙𝕠𝕤 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕕𝕒𝕕?

  • Kitty 129 yesterday


  • CristinaM 4 days ago

    “Mom can you eat?”“MOM IM GETTING KIND OF HUNGRY”I’m so dead that was hilarious

  • Taylor Myers 16 hours ago

    This has 666 likes, so im not going toruin by liking

  • danika mcadory 22 hours ago

    My kids would have to worry about being hungry😂 I stuff my mouth 24/7

  • B my Gf 3 days ago

    “Yea, a womb fits one human, we just multiplied by accident.”

  • madi Drennen 3 days ago

    “we’re back and we are GOING BACK INTO THE WOMB”“poor mom” 💀😂

  • Jacky Ruiz 3 days ago

    Do twins ever realize that one of them was unplanned...?

  • Kaylee Wilhite 8 minutes ago


  • Larissa Bakker 2 hours ago

    Unplanned doesn't mean unwanted