Intergenerational Healing Rosary.. Family Tree Healing Rosary, Deliverance, Restoration, Blessing

  • Published on:  2/11/2019
  • Walk holding the hands of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Mercy, Mother of Healing as She enlightens you on areas of the past which has a bearing in your present ..Use the power of the Holy Rosary to correct patterns of sin, addictions, brokenness, sustained suffering, sickness - repeated from generation to generation.. Based on the book by Fr Gustavo E. Jamut, OMV.


    Ever glorious and blessed Mary, Queen of Virgins, Mother of Mercy, hope and comfort of dejected and desolate souls, through that sword of sorrow which pierced thy tender heart - break, bind, repulse and eliminate all bondages afflicting my family lineage. O Mary, we salute you in your august and powerful position, as Mistress and Queen of the Precious Blood of your Son and our Lord Jesus Christ! Direct O Mother this Precious Blood to flow into every dark areas in my family tree. Flush out O Mother of Mercy, in this life giving blood of Jesus - all areas of sin, pain, shame and curses over the past 15 generations of my paternal and maternal lineage, up till the beginning of time. Purify my family tree with this glorious and thirst-quenching Blood so as to to be saved from all the pitfalls of life and from the entrapments of the devil. Bind up O Queen of the Precious Blood, Satan and all his evil spirits, all evil covenants, all evil influences operating in my family tree. Sprinkle our souls with the glorious and fertilizing blood, so that we may overcome all the onslaughts of the devil.

    Regina Rosa Mystica, Mater Ecclesiae, holy and immaculate Virgin, and Mother of God, Mary we offer up Thy divine son covered with wounds and blood, and His precious blood to the Heavenly Father: for an increase of Faith, Hope and Charity in my family tree, for an increase of grace and the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, for an increase of Humility, Patience, Submission to the Holy will of God. To obtain for myself and every single person in my family tree -a happy death, for the consolation and deliverance for the poor souls in Purgatory, especially for all the souls departed from my paternal and maternal lineage over the past 15 generations. May all the souls departed from my family tree be soaked in the Rivers of Divine Mercy, in the Blood and Water that gushed out from the heart of Jesus. O Regina Rosa Mystica, Write in the blood the names of all the souls departed in the Book of Life, so that we who honor you on Earth may praise the Precious Blood in eternal glory, together with you and all the elect..With my entire family tree joined in spirit - I proclaim - Praised be the Precious Blood of Jesus now and for all eternity! - Repeated


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    Divine Mercy Family Tree Healing prayer

    Lord Jesus Christ, I come to you in prayer not just for me, alone, but also on behalf of each of my family members - living and deceased — to plead your Divine Mercy upon our Family Tree. I acknowledge that we have grievously sinned and I humbly beg your pardon for all our transgressions committed against you, against our neighbors, and those we committed against each other. In your infinite goodness, save us from our sins, 0 Lord, and grant us your mercy.

    May the Precious Blood and Living Water, shed abundantly from you most Sacred Heart, rain down upon our Family Tree to cleanse it of the negative consequences of our sins, most especially the evil effects that continue to be passed down from past generations up to the present one. Heal us of inherited inclinations that lead us to sin; inherited infirmities mental, emotional and physical - that afflict us; and also break any curses am spiritual ties that bind us to unclean spirits. Restore in peace our broken family relationships, and unite us in fraternal love and charity under your protective power. Nourish and render fruitful our Family Thee by granting each person in our family repentance, lasting conversion, and sanctifying grace. Inspire us with a sincere desire to serve you as our Lord, God, and Savior... And choose from our households and from our descendents, workers for your vineyard. May we faithfully follow your Divine Will to your greater glory and honor, and to the eternal salvation of every member of our family. Jesus, I trust in you... and I thank and praise you for your goodness and Divine Mercy. I pray this in your most holy and healing name. Amen.

    You expired, Jesus, but the source of life gushed forth for souls, and the ocean of mercy opened up for the whole world. O Fount of Life, unfathomable Divine Mercy, envelop the whole world and empty Yourself out upon us. Have Mercy on me and all the living and deceased of my family tree, over the past 15 generations.