How to Quickly Patch a Hole in Drywall - Mesh Tape Trick

  • Published on:  6/24/2018
  • Typically, you use adhesive based mesh tape to strengthen joints during drywall installation. It is also very useful when trying to repair drywall line cracks. You can also use it to repair drywall holes, by putting it on top of the hole. SUBSCRIBE!!!

    In this tutorial we will explore another option on how it can be used to provide extra strength and support inside the hole. This might be useful if you are trying to strengthen drywall anchor and need small area inside drywall to provide additional extra strength.
    I used this mesh tape technique on multiple projects. I used it to strengthen drywall anchor, which was supporting heavy mirror and became loose. I have also used it to fill 1 inch drywall hole after removal of wall humidifier control.
    Some advantages this method provides:
    1) Your working are is smaller. When you use mesh tape on top of the drywall you end up with large working are, you then need to cover with texture and paint. If you can find original texture and original paint this is no issue, but if you can’t, like in my case, smaller area means smaller noticeable imperfections after the repair
    2) You provide additional reinforcement inside the wall. By putting mesh tape inside the wall and mixing it with spackle, you provide additional strength inside the wall. This is especially useful if you are trying to repair loose wall anchors: you can’t move them to a different spot and need to specifically repair them in one particular spot.

    Tools you will need needed
    Drywall 6” knife:
    Drywall Patch Spackle:
    Drywall mesh tape:

    Other helpful Drywall repair tools, if you are planning to do multiple similar projects:
    Drywall knife set:
    Drywall mud pan:
    Electrical tape (to cover open wires):

    Some helpful tips:
    You can clean up leftovers of drywall patch spackle with wet paper towel. Once spackle dries out you can only use sanding to create finish look. But you can use up paper towel 15-20 min after you applied patch, while spackle it is still wet, and this way you can avoid mess, created by sanding.
    When you do first patch the hole may not blend perfectly with the wall. Leave it to dry overnight to let your draft patch harden. You can make another coat of patch next day, to create smooth surface and make it blend with drywall better.

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