Rami Malek: Becoming Freddie Mercury

  • Published on:  10/24/2018
  • “I'm dealing with a man's life and a legacy like no other. A person people revere as not only a legend but a deity.”

    Rami Malek tells Patrick Abboud about his biggest acting challenge yet.


  • Marie Grimes
    Marie Grimes 4 hours ago

    Wishing the best success for Rami!!! Fingers, eyes and toes crossed that he walks away with SAG and Academy Award wins!! He is so talented and has great range as an actor. I was in awe of his portrayal of Freddie Mercury. Especially after seeing him in other roles like Mr. Robot. His transformation was truly incredible. But he didn’t just play a role - he immersed himself in it and took the utmost care in honoring Freddie’s life and legacy. That’s true art!! ❤️👑❤️

  • Marie Grimes
    Marie Grimes 4 hours ago

    Excellent interview. As always Rami is polite, articulate, humble and engaging with the interviewer. Added bonus that they both speak Arabic and seem to have a lot in common. I guess that led to more questions about his ethnicity and Hollywood stigma about non-white actors. I appreciated that because it’s important to Rami and talking about it helps break down those stereotypes and typecast roles. Bravo to both!!

  • Marie Grimes
    Marie Grimes 4 hours ago

    How thankful I am to live in a world where Rami Malek exists!! ❤️☺️

  • Obito Uzumaki
    Obito Uzumaki 11 hours ago


  • Cristina chan
    Cristina chan 12 hours ago

    I think this guy fell in love with him also

  • Dark ness
    Dark ness 15 hours ago+1

    Rami can I marry you?

  • lameah sutalam
    lameah sutalam 20 hours ago

    masha Allah and even look alike I watch the movie for 3× love it

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  • peter
    peter yesterday

    what IF???

  • gaz7060
    gaz7060 yesterday

    What a beautiful interview.

  • Dina Hassan
    Dina Hassan yesterday

    Now I can see a new legend is coming

  • James B
    James B 2 days ago+2

    I'm watching this to learn about the movie, but somehow it became about Arabic pride. I think it's good when one can show his pride for his heritage. I am American am very proud of my country. But again, I came here to find out Rami Malek studied to portray Freddie!

  • Samara Morgan
    Samara Morgan 2 days ago

    What are they saying at the start?

  • Tomasz Sniec
    Tomasz Sniec 2 days ago+1

    next movie you could play is ..about.Omar Sharif

  • niareno316
    niareno316 2 days ago

    I absolutely loved the movie Bohemian Rhapsody. I think that Rami Malek was an awesome choice, he did a wonderful representation of Freddie Mercury. I don't think anyone could have done better. What an incredible movie!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Amy Commanda
    Amy Commanda 2 days ago

    His voice almost sounds like Brad Pitt

  • Mech Sen
    Mech Sen 2 days ago

    Rami Malek really execute the character of Freddie Mercury. Bravo!!!!!

  • Nina Mule Lyons
    Nina Mule Lyons 3 days ago

    He is a beautiful man! Love e

  • Abby P
    Abby P 3 days ago

    this interview is amazing, like how they talk to each other, its intense and uplifting all at the same time

  • Paris Hoffmann
    Paris Hoffmann 3 days ago

    He's so cute