Twins Only Say YES To Each Other For A Day

  • Published on:  1/8/2019
  • We tried to fix our brotherly arguing problem but idk if it worked :/SUBSCRIBE - Week's Video - - https://dolantwins.comEthan’s StuffINSTAGRAM - - - EthanDolanGrayson’s ThingsINSTAGRAM - - - GraysonDolan


  • Sparky 26 5 months ago

    I love how they don’t edit out their arguments, just keepin it real:)

  • millie woodland 6 days ago

    They ain't fake like ace family

  • Kamryn McGregor 9 days ago

    haha yassss

  • Champion Martha 2 months ago

    No one:Literally no one:Not a single soul:Ethan:I HaVeN’t HaD dAiRy iN 4 mOnThS

  • Cyds 3 days ago

    @Hanna Pawłowska Literally NO one was saying he didn't make sense, they were simply pointing out he says that literally all the time. In every single one of his videos he mentions it at least once. It's just funny so like chill.

  • Hanna Pawłowska 8 days ago

    Well, I'm vegan and I understand him. When you haven't had dairy in a long time, you have a very bad reaction to it. This comment doesn't make sense at all.

  • Penda Ba 2 months ago

    “I’VE DRANKEN 175 FLUID OUNCES OF PROTEIN SMOOTHIE, ETHAN!”*”sounds like a personal problem to me.”*

  • Elsa Of Arendelle 24 days ago

    Fse 😂

  • Destiny Cuthbert 1 months ago

    thats me

  • layla • 2 months ago

    Grayson: he has a pillow on his HEADBOARD... who tf was sleeping up thereMe: emma

  • Lexi Drawz 2 days ago

    @Sup my dudes Lol I forgot I wrote that comment! Sorry about that. I wasnt trying to be rude or anything. People who ship them arent rude or disrespectful, they are actually funny. I deleted that comment. Have a nice day!

  • Lexi Drawz 2 days ago

    @Ayahn Webb Im subbing to him/her because I like their attitude. The amount of subs doesnt really matter.... but if it does to you, I have 22 subscribers with no videos. How many do you have? 1. So stop talking. Why are you so stubborn? Respect peoples opinions, gosh. even if it isnt real, WHO CARES. they can think what they wanna think.

  • Saylor _Addison 1 months ago

    20:24 “ *GRAPESON!* Go grab me some grapes ”

  • YOLO 5 months ago

    I’ve never seen anyone so upset over drinking a milkshake 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sup my dudes Lol 12 days ago

    I would love to drink a milkshake even if I hadn’t had dairy in 4 MoNtHs

  • Yee Yee 17 days ago

    YOLO he’s dairy free

  • Maddy Wisteria 2 months ago

    A friendly brotherly exercise they said It’ll be fun they saidThey had a fight over a damn milkshake

  • Ullrich Duveen 1 months ago

    This is Jeff 🎓👀👕👖👞 He is 0 years oldLets see how old he can get in one year!

  • Default for Life 4 days ago

    Where’s the head

  • Taylor 642 8 days ago

    Ullrich Duveen 811 DAMNNN HES OLD

  • Valerie Salinas 1 months ago

    I recently started watching the Dolan twins I use to hate them cause I thought people only liked there looks but I change my attitude because I saw a video and there actually really funny and they are actually good at YouTube and they grew on me obviously I’m not like fanatic but I watch and subscribe and like there videos cause they cool....

  • Little._. Mia an hour ago

    Valerie Salinas ayeeeee sameee!!!😂😂😂

  • DJ R 10 days ago

    Omg same

  • Denesha Brown 2 months ago

    Grayson:look at my stomachEthan:thats thé biggest food baby i ever seenGrayson:ITS A SMOOTHIE BABY😜😂😂16:51

  • L0l corner  1 months ago

    Rip gray abs