THE FINAL BATTLE | Spider-Man - Part 12 (END)



  • jacksepticeye
    jacksepticeye  2 months ago+12009

    Appreciate all the love and support on this series. It was incredibly fun to play and I'm sad that it's over already!

  • Sierra LVX
    Sierra LVX an hour ago

    Every time I watch this I can't hold anything back. Goddamn does it hurt! This has been one of the best stories though!

  • Becky Musick
    Becky Musick 5 hours ago

    My heart it aches

  • Alice Ritson
    Alice Ritson 10 hours ago

    Spoiler alert.
    And something funny is below.
    51:43 MJ and Peter kiss.
    Jack: My baby's.
    Me: If their both your baby's and their sharing a romantic moment than...

  • Alice Ritson
    Alice Ritson 13 hours ago

    I like how M.J kept her hand on the counter JUST long enough for the spider to get off of her so that it would be able to bite Miles 30 seconds later.
    The white-skull costume's skin looks like anti-venoms.

  • BubbleFishie
    BubbleFishie 15 hours ago

    How. Fucking. Dare they

  • Blodyn Yr Haul
    Blodyn Yr Haul yesterday

    i sure feel like a fucking baby by crying watching this
    poor peter damn

  • that one frisk Dreemurr

    If you dont cry from
    47:01 - 48:05
    then you have no soul

  • Reece's Pieces
    Reece's Pieces yesterday

    Doc Ock was then put into a wheelchair due to leg dysmalfuction
    *his ending line* Beter, BETER!

  • Triston Hass
    Triston Hass yesterday

    rip ant may

  • Jessica Gaming
    Jessica Gaming yesterday

    I cried

  • Isaak Doreo
    Isaak Doreo yesterday

    Me and Jack made the exact same face when MJ offered to let Peter stay at her place

  • RedRanger02
    RedRanger02 yesterday

    I could be wrong about this but in the Ultimate Spider-Man series Harry becomes Venom instead of Eddie Brock. So if that is the Symbiote in the cabinet then more than likely will see Harry become venom; while his father turns into a monsterous Green Goblin (If you look up Ultimate Green Goblin you should see it). Given that Miles is the Ultimate Spider-Man I'm not sure if they're trying to make this like the Ultimate Spider-Man comics but it seems like it could be going that way. Even if that is or isn't the case; this is still probably one of my favorite video games of all time.

  • Gabriel Portales
    Gabriel Portales 2 days ago

    The ending shows that even the strongest & smartest heroes have to make daring chooses even if it means sacrificing those you love the most. 😢

  • Lara Sevadera
    Lara Sevadera 2 days ago

    Wow great game Jack
    Love ya😘😘🎮🎮

  • ShaneLovesBambi42
    ShaneLovesBambi42 2 days ago+2

    A little crazy story. When I reached the final level, and started fighting Doc Ock, he pushed me into a pole on the top of the building where we fought. The craziest part of the story is that I got stuck in the pole. I couldn’t get out of the pole, because the game glitched during the final boss battle. I was forced to restart the battle, and then it began working properly. I managed to beat Doc Ock, afterwards, and finish the whole game.

  • Ianocity
    Ianocity 3 days ago+2

    You know that the actor who played Doc Ock played Rigby in Regular Show, so everytime I heard him yelling I got flashbacks

  • Jozach
    Jozach 3 days ago

    Okay but the way the voice acting played out and how clear it was, if it wasn't for seeing the face-cam, I would've thought it was Jack that started crying.

  • Skittles Box
    Skittles Box 3 days ago+1

    42:33 Where we dropping boys?

  • Deantee James
    Deantee James 3 days ago

    I cried when aunt may Died😭😭😭😭😭😭