• Published on:  5/30/2018
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    In this week's video, Bailey and I #handcuff ourselves to each other for 24 HOURS! I guess as twins we are naturally close since birth, but I don't think either of us expected it to be this hard and awkward! The struggle was real!

    It’s a good thing we’re in all the same classes, and we share a car, because there are some things that you just can’t get away with while being attached to someone else for #24hours straight!

    We began this challenge at 5:30am AFTER Brooklyn put on her backpack, so that was a struggle to figure out! We attended Bible study handcuffed! Got a few sideways glances there, but honestly, the real problem was getting in and out of the car while being ATTACHED to each other!!

    We never realized it, but we were totally taking our free hands for granted! Being handcuffed made eating, going to the restroom, putting on a backpack, wiping your hair out of your face, and paying for things SO much more difficult! We even had to SHOWER while handcuffed!

    We’re around each other A LOT, but being literally attached is a whole new level! We couldn’t even move an inch without the other person having to move too! If you guys try this with your boyfriend, girlfriend, sisters, cousins, brothers, significant others, or your twin, be sure that you get along well first!

    Think all that was bad? Well Asa came to town and wanted to go on a date with Bailey, and guess what? She had to bring ME along with them! Major 3rd wheel! I’m glad Asa and I get along well because we were all pretty close that day!

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    💋's -Brooklyn

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